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To want more time off work?

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365isalot Tue 30-Aug-16 02:45:06

i work 4 days a week, but over 5 days , Mon- Friday (3 full days and 2 half days) . I get 20 days leave, 8 of which I have to take at Xmas when the company shuts for 2 weeks. Bank Holidays have to come out of my leave entitlement. Because Monday and Friday are both normal work days, Ive worked every bank holiday this year (apart from Xmas/ New Year). I seem to be at work all the time and it's wearing me out, it's a low paid but quite demanding job, dealing with the public as well as a heavy admin workload. AIBU? Someone will come along and say ive got it easy...won't they? confused

Thatsmeinthecorner2016 Tue 30-Aug-16 02:47:47

I've never heard of public holidays being included in your entitlement. It's always an add on.

Notinmybackyard Tue 30-Aug-16 03:23:21

If you are loosing 8 days leave at Christmas, you are being given 2 Bank Holiday days then extra to your leave? So If you're working BH's the rest of the year you should get a day off in lieu (or a half day). I had a similar problem working a job share where I had to check I wasn't loosing out.. Look up holiday entitlement information online for guidance or try to speak to someone who deals with holiday entitlement where you work.

HicDraconis Tue 30-Aug-16 03:30:36

You get 2 weeks at Christmas. Taking the 8 days from your 20, you then have 12 days - or three weeks - to be taken during the rest of the year. It's not great, but it's five weeks a year which is more in total than many people get.

I always thought public holidays were added on to leave allowances rather than included, check your contract and then check whether it's legal.

If you take your leave carefully, you should be able to have a break every 12 weeks which isn't so bad.

My job involves dealing with the public, a heavy admin workload (which is done for free in my own time, I don't get time at work to do it) and working most public holidays including Christmas. However 1) I knew that when I signed up for it and 2) it is well paid enough for me to accept those working conditions. If yours is beginning to wear you out then maybe you should look for something which will give you more of a break.

enterthedragon Tue 30-Aug-16 03:32:50 states that bank holidays do not have to be given as paid leave. An employer can choose to include bank holidays as part of a worker's statutory annual leave.

Yambabe Tue 30-Aug-16 03:35:49

Sigh. This is fairly basic but so many people can't seem to get their heads around it. The statutory entitlement to paid holiday is 28 days (5.6 weeks), including bank holidays.

Unless your contract provides for it there is no entitlement to extra pay or a day off in lieu if bank holidays fall on a normal working day. Some employers are more generous than others regarding how they treat bank holidays, but as far as the regs go they are no different to any other day.

BUT in OP's case I would say that because her working week includes irregular hours her annual leave entitlement should be calculated in hours rather than days too. So if a full day is 7.5 hours and a half day is 3.75 hours OP works 30 hours per week. Her annual entitlement to holidays is therefore 168 hours. OP you can check if you are being paid the correct amount of holidays by adding your paid holidays up in hours and comparing.

Hope that makes sense, it's late and I am tired!

365isalot Tue 30-Aug-16 04:11:34


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