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IABU to ask here - mattress

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Chocoholicmonster Sun 28-Aug-16 08:55:50

Not really an AIBU (even though I know I am for posting here) but just after quick opinions / traffic. Expecting first baby. Money is slightly tight especially after recently moving to a more expensive rental property in preparation for babies arrival. I've been offered a second hand Moses basket & a second hand pram. Would I need to buy a new mattress for both as I've heard second hand mattresses are 'dangerous'? Thank you to those who reply.

Gmbk Sun 28-Aug-16 08:58:33

I haven't bought a new one for mine. I washed everything I possibly could and the only part I couldn't wash was the thickness of a biscuit so I thought I'd be ok.

Oysterbabe Sun 28-Aug-16 09:04:57

Yes you do need to.
You don't know how it's been stored and another baby will have puked on it and there may be mold spores in it. That could be dangerous for your baby and not a risk I would take.

Mouikey Sun 28-Aug-16 09:07:38

Yep all the advice is to replace mattresses due to not knowing what germs/bacteria etc could be on them... You don't need to get expensive ones and places like mothercare have sales often (possibly even now) or check out Amazon

Creampastry Sun 28-Aug-16 09:13:44

Yes, buy a new mattress without a doubt

NerrSnerr Sun 28-Aug-16 09:18:33

Yes you'll need new mattresses. You can get them cheap from Amazon.

Chocoholicmonster Sun 28-Aug-16 09:24:02

Thank you all 😊 I'll have a look on amazon.

Cocklodger Sun 28-Aug-16 09:27:06

I'm not giving advice either way (don't know enough about it I'm afraid) but, would it be ok if you put them in the washing machine? Not the pram itself of course grin just the mattress insert, and the mattress of the Moses basket?
I'll leave someone more informed than us two answer. blush grin

Cocklodger Sun 28-Aug-16 09:29:54

I need the answer myself too you see grin however I've found this one just in case I can't re use a 2nd hand one

JamieLannistersFuckButler Sun 28-Aug-16 09:37:12

There is some (unproven so far) correlation between Second-hand mattresses and SIDS:

TheAnswerIsYes Sun 28-Aug-16 09:37:13

You should get new but they aren't very expensive. I didn't like the one that came with our moses basket and bought a new one from Kiddicare for only £6.

Chocoholicmonster Sun 28-Aug-16 09:39:38

Thank you. Another question - I totally understand about the spores etc if mattresses have been badly stored but wont those spores also be on the basket & pram itself too?

wonderwoo Sun 28-Aug-16 09:42:46

I spoke to the foundation of sudden infant death when I was pregnant, because I did not understand the advice on mattresses. They were very clear that the best thing to avoid SIDS, is to get a completely waterproof, wipeable mattress. These are the cheapest ones out there! You can use them secondhand as long as they are still in shape and not broken on any way. You can get standard size mattresses cheaply or non-standard sized ones made to measure quite cheap too from an online shop. (Something like babymattresesonline iirc).

I feel quite strongly about this because the shops are marketing all these scientific sounding materials for mattresses, but FSIDS are very clear that these are not helpful and can actually contribute to the problem by not being wipe able.

liz70 Sun 28-Aug-16 09:43:54

I bought a 2nd Moses basket for DD3 when she was born 7 years ago. I didn't replace the mattress - it was pvc coated and spotless. Your decision, though.

wonderwoo Sun 28-Aug-16 09:44:35

I recommend calling FSIDS for advice. They were really helpful and know all the up to date research.

liz70 Sun 28-Aug-16 09:47:00

I mean I don't know if it was actual PVC, but it was completely coated with some sort of wipe clean material.

gillyweed Sun 28-Aug-16 09:56:07

Replace any mattress you can, look online, there a plenty of places that do cot mattresses far cheaper than mothercare or high street shops. It's not worth the risk for the sake of £15 maximum. There is a direct link to SIDS and 2nd hand mattresses.

I've bought new for all 3 of mine. I have a cacoon/buggy insert for newborns and the mattress doesn't come out of this, I took the whole thing to the laundrette (too big for a domestic machine), washed it as hot as I dare with biological powder.

Noonesfool Sun 28-Aug-16 11:45:51

I found the second hand mattress to be completely fine for storing washing on, whilst my baby slept comfortably on me. hmm

I would replace the mattress. Is it worth the risk for £20ish?

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