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AIBU to be pissed off with Amazon?

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Cookingongas Sat 27-Aug-16 19:58:58


I've ordered a cooker hood form Amazon. Three times. First two were faulty. 1st was in shards when it arrives 2nd has an electrical fault. Third was to be delivered Friday. My electrician, after fitting the faulty one agreed to come on the bank holiday to fit the new as he's booked solid otherwise for three weeks.

I live in a four story house. I heard the door knock but didn't have time to pick up baby and get down the three flights before the "sorry we missed you" card was put through. I called them, quite upset - they Arranged for a collection at my local store for today - they didn't deliver and claimed No one was there hmm( store is happy to provide evidence that the store has been manned throughout the day- dpd did deliver a Parcel but not mine)

I phoned today- again apologies and promised a redelivery tomorrow and email to conform. Email comes confirm delivery tomorrow but - third paragraph requests more information? So once more I phone. Turns out the email is lie ( not that they will directly admit that)
Dpd closed at 12 don't deliver on Sunday's and Monday is a bank holiday.

So I'm left with a good not working ( can't get refund until it's returned) I've paid for a new hood upfront and I'm out £45 to the electrician who was willing to come on Monday.

I have complained and am happy to cancel all the bloody orders bit as a prime member and having been messed around so much I expect them to reimburse me the £45 I'm out of pocket to the electrician for fitting a faulty hood and the call out involved! No. They offered £10 and suggested I go to another supplier on a Sunday to get by Monday. Will they reimburse the cost difference? No.

Fucking shits.

I'm more annoyed because I've always liked Amazon, and now I'm fucked. sad

Cookingongas Sat 27-Aug-16 19:59:46


Olivialoves Sat 27-Aug-16 20:05:14

I get that you're frustrated, but you knew it was coming today, and you know it takes you a while to get down the three flights of stairs, why didn't you leave a note on the inside of the door saying for the delivery driver to give you a bit of time.
I do it all the time if I'm expecting something but know that I'm going to be in the loft/out the bottom of the garden (with a wireless doorbell)
Explain to the electrician, he might well be happy to have the bank how off, I'm sure you'll be able to cook fine for a couple of weeks without it and just re-book the electrician.
Then either find somewhere else more reliable to buy the cooker hood you want, or re-order smile

Cookingongas Sat 27-Aug-16 20:13:13

Oh! I did. There is a note on the bell explaining. But your right- I should have said that. It was yesterday he ran off. Today they couldn't deliver to an open spar shop ffs.

Cookingongas Sat 27-Aug-16 20:15:52

It's not the cooking. And the electrician is fine not coming tomorrow. But I've already paid him to fit a faulty hood ( the £45- which I can't request back as he did fit it and it's not his fault it's faulty- he's already doing the next hood for a discount --- because he's a mate and I do free plumbing for him---) clearly I'm so angry my descriptions are unclear. Sorry.

SnipSnipMrBurgess Sat 27-Aug-16 20:21:50

Amazon terms and conditions let you know they are not liable for consequential loss so they won't refund you on the electrician or the price difference if you buy somewhere else.

At this point I would cut my losses, source locally and get them to arrange a stop and return of the third order and an advance refund.

Use the £10 compensation they offered and purchase wine or gin for immediate consumption .

Cookingongas Sat 27-Aug-16 20:27:10

Thanks snip. I've ordered with currys , who deliver tomorrow, and will call Amazon when I'm calm.

I maintain they are pricks- for the simple reason if they'd said yesterday- no Mrs gas we can't get it by Monday- I would have been able to get another easily without worrying about Sunday's etc. And I would have still liked them for honesty. Oh well, lesson learned.

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