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FrancieC23 Thu 04-Aug-16 18:54:04

Am I being unreasonable to expect that once I reported a line fault on my elderly mums phone last Friday, Talk Talk would fix it?
Despite numerous phone calls, webchats and false promises my mum is still without a landline.
As a vulnerable adult at risk of a fall it is vital mum has access to a landline This I have explained to Talk Talk which means nothing to them they robotically steer you through an over complicated system issuing platitudes and false promise along the way. Losing information or passing the book just to fuel the frustration.
My mum really does not understand why you cannot just get the engineer out and is panicking about being without the ability to summon help if she needs it - we have tried mobile phones but she just struggles and stresses so much with them.
This is a historic contract that my brother set up for mum with Talk Talk and as soon as I can I will be getting out of it and recommend to all others out there to think twice before using this company for keeping vulnerable people connected. Sorry just needed to get this out there!

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