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.... To feel sorry for myself and DS

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babbafishbabe Fri 29-Jul-16 19:26:47

Got out of hospital now Wednesday ... Had pneumonia. Given 6 days of IV antibiotic ... Not given antibiotic on discharge as they give him diaorreah and then his bottom breaks down. ( he has EDS SO PAPER THIN SKIN) and we need oromorph just to change a nappy. (DS IS 7 next week but severely disabled )
More seizures and just not himself ... Take him to GP Whi says he had ear infection ... Gives oral AntiB's ....


LuluJakey1 Fri 29-Jul-16 19:28:57

flowers Don't know what to say except you must feel so frustrated and exhausted and be hurting for your son.

What is EDS?

ShesAStar Fri 29-Jul-16 19:29:17

No, YANBU! You poor things, it all sounds painful and like you've suffered enough! Hope DS starts to feel better - hope he sleeps well and you can relax a bit flowers

PaintYourWagon155 Fri 29-Jul-16 19:30:40

flowers for you. Must be very hard x

Tomselleckhaskindeyes Fri 29-Jul-16 19:33:06

Poor kid.... Poor you..., so sorry that you are going through this? Have you got a care package at home? Sounds like you need support and a lot of it. I hope things get better soon. flowers

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