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Summer Holidays - aaaaahhhhhh!

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snowyrocks Thu 28-Jul-16 19:42:12

Do your dc see all of their school friends all holiday? I am under pressure to see lots of people from school, but I really don't want to! I am sick of them all tbh. As lovely as they are, and most of them are genuinely sweet as anything, I need a break. A long break.
But I am feeling guilty that all the other girls are having tons of sleepovers and hang out time together and we are not doing it....what are you dc doing this summer? Does everyone do this?
My dds are 7 and 11. My view is that we need family time, days out together. Crafts at home and seeing old friends and family, we can see a little of school friends but the point of a holiday is a break no? Or am I completely deluded on this.

CakeNinja Thu 28-Jul-16 19:58:48

Erm, I've got 3 DC of my own and another 4 (2dds having 2 friends each) sleeping here tonight!
My view is that it's a looooong summer, they can do as they please within reason.
Today we went for a walk and had a picnic and ice cream, paddle in the lake, then home. They did a few jobs before the last 2 guests turned up and now they're all in the garden on blankets painting nails and doing glitter tattoos.
My older 2 are 11 and 12, younger one is 4.
To be honest, 6 weeks of crafts and seeing family doesn't float my boat, and my children enjoy seeing their friends.
They go to their houses too so it's reciprocal.
We don't see people every day but we do go out every single day otherwise I'd go stir crazy.
Just do what you want, as long as you're all happy does it really matter what anyone else is doing?

elodie2000 Thu 28-Jul-16 20:59:53

We are on day 6 of the holiday & have been catching up with family this week. They live miles away so not local.
Next week DH & DC are going to do something together for a few days. Spending the week after with friends & their DC who live 100s of miles away ... and so it goes on...
DC will get to see school friends at the end of August! grin
Our friends and family are spread all over the country & holidays are for catching up with them.
I think it might be different if everyone we knew or are related to lived within a 5 mile radius!

elodie2000 Thu 28-Jul-16 21:02:46

So, YANBU! grin Maybe just mix it up a bit!

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