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to think there are eggs growing inside my daughters head?

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Bellyrub1980 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:23:13

My 20 month old DD was bitten on her forehead while we were in Spain 2 weeks ago. There are two dots roughly 3mm wide placed about 1cm apart. They look like tiny yet perfect fang marks! A quick Google and it could be a spider bite.

She has had absolutely no reaction. No itching, no pain and basically she's completely oblivious. The dots have not swollen or come to a head of any kind. But they are still there, unchanging, almost goading me with their presence.

Did the spider lay eggs in her forehead?

Would talking to a GP be a wasteful, stupidly inappropriate thing to do? A few people have looked at them worryingly and suggested I get it checked out. But I can't bring myself to see a GP about 2 red dots that despite being there for 2 weeks, don't seem to be bothering her at all.

But on the other hand.... What if a spider actually laid eggs in her?? Part of me (the catastrophizing part) is now bringing to wonder why the bite hasn't faded yet.

Someone reason this through logically for me!!

monal Sun 17-Jul-16 23:28:27

Spiders don't lay eggs in people, I promise. That said if you are concerned about the marks, take her to the doctor to put your mind at rest at least.

dodobookends Sun 17-Jul-16 23:28:57

Logical reason: spiders don't lay eggs with their teeth.

If you're worried, then make an appointment with the practice nurse at the GP surgery, or maybe speak to a pharmacist, and I'm sure they will be able to put your mind at rest.

Griphook Sun 17-Jul-16 23:31:03

As far as I remember the dots last for ages. Me and my ds were bitten a lot one night and they took ages to heal.

If I thought about it too much I wouldn't sleep

NovemberInDailyFailLand Sun 17-Jul-16 23:32:21

Never Google your medical problems. It will always be cancer, or a horrific tropical disease where your head rots from the inside, or something.

Bellyrub1980 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:33:23

I just googled spider bite images and was faced with about 50 images of what could only be described as rotting skin.

Ok, so if no eggs, how long till the skin rotting process usually starts?

(Big relief about spiders not laying eggs in people)

Bellyrub1980 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:34:52

Griphook, did your bites look like tiny fang marks too?

November, too late! The images are already burned in my brain

Hastalapasta Sun 17-Jul-16 23:38:41

Spiders do not lay eggs with their teethgrin but if you are worried about the bite site please take her into the nurse who will be quite happy to reassure you. Good luck.

MrHannahSnell Sun 17-Jul-16 23:48:07

DW was also bitten by a spider and the bite became infected. We knew about it within 48 hours. Swelling, high temperature and flu like symptoms. If your DD's bite has just stayed the same, I reckon she's OK.

LifeInJeneral Sun 17-Jul-16 23:51:53

Oh god.....I feel like they are on me! I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to read this...
Must not Google spider bites, must not Google spider bites....

facebookrecruit Mon 18-Jul-16 00:08:54

Medical advice on MN?? Really? hmm

ZansForCans Mon 18-Jul-16 00:10:09

They might not be from two teeth. They could be from an insect like a bedbug or midge taking 2 bites in a row IYSWIM, or two of them.

It would have to be a very big spider to leave two fang marks 1cm apart. read this

There is such a think as insect eggs getting under the skin, things like botflies, but this doesn't sound like that at all. And it's not very likely in Spain at all either.

I'd use a bit of sting relief cream or just antiseptic cream, keep them well washed and they will probably fade. If they're still there in several more days you could see the GP maybe.

I'm a worrier/catastrophizer so I do know how it feels, but this doesn't sound bad to me.

myownprivateidaho Mon 18-Jul-16 00:11:47

No, clearly a bite is not going to cause her to have eggs in her. However yes of course it's take her to the do or if you're concerned about the marks. The attitude promoted by some that it's socially irresponsible to go to the doctor unless you're dying is so ridiculous and harmful.

ZansForCans Mon 18-Jul-16 00:12:54

facebook, one of the good things about MN is being able to talk through worries and ask for others' experiences when you're getting yourself worked up. OP can still see a doctor any time but others' experiences or just chatting about it can help calm you down.

Griphook Mon 18-Jul-16 00:31:14

Yes two marks on my face, like a fang mark like you would expect t from a bat, but it wasn't fangs as it would have been huge, I think it bit me twice.

They itched a bit and were hard. Ages to heal. Good couple of weeks

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