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To wonder why redundancy pay (statutory) is so crap

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bearofnothingness Fri 15-Jul-16 20:35:14

so if you lose you job from no fault of your own and you leave before two years are up, you get nothing?

HereIAm20 Fri 15-Jul-16 20:44:16

Because its paid for out of tax payers money if the company goes into liquidation

bearofnothingness Fri 15-Jul-16 20:53:41

but if the company is still afloat it's the same?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 15-Jul-16 20:59:16

Because redundancy is a financial issue by its very nature?

AuntJane Fri 15-Jul-16 21:06:06

If you've worked less than two years there is no statutory right, but there nay well be a contractual right.

At the time the legislation was drafted, it would have been expected that, if you'd been there for such a short period, you would not have overspecialised and would be able to find another job reasonably easily, but if you had spent 20 years with a company your skills might be very limited.

MsJamieFraser Fri 15-Jul-16 21:07:12

Can I ask how old you are?,

I ask, as I don't understand how you don't know this, you have very little employment rights under 2 years service.

bearofnothingness Fri 15-Jul-16 21:39:45

i have been made redundant a few times and have always received a few thousand so was suprised to see the statutory figure

i am old enough to know this is crap

MrsHathaway Fri 15-Jul-16 21:42:53

The fact that anybody gets redundancy pay at all is an indication of how far employment law has come in the last hundred years.

I think it also encourages companies to keep highly-specialised and/or loyal employees in times of trouble (last in, first out) which is more likely to save the rest of the business.

I used to believe that redundancy was never anyone's fault, and indeed often it's just the luck of the draw. If your entire department is outsourced to India then it makes no difference how brilliant you are. But if they had to drop 10% from each team, and you got dropped, it doesn't say a lot for your capability.

daisychain01 Fri 15-Jul-16 21:59:12

But if they had to drop 10% from each team, and you got dropped, it doesn't say a lot for your capability

I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, MrsH but I agree with you - I have always been of the view that Managers keep a spreadsheet rating people from Outstanding down to Crap and shuffle people up and down the rows depending on what's going on from week to week grin

SisyphusDad Fri 15-Jul-16 22:00:44

Mansplaining (sorry): the economic theory is that if it's too expensive to get rid of employees then firms won't employ them in the first place. See France.

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