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To want to bring extra money in

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Kungfupandaworksout16 Tue 28-Jun-16 18:52:22

By workin as a sex line chat worker? Money is a bit tight whilst being on ML and a baby isn't cheap. I suggested this to the DH and he wasn't happy at all. He said he would rather get another job and work two jobs than me do that.
He says it's basically cheating, I'm making another guy get off and would I be ok with him doing it? I don't see the big deal if I'm bringing in extra money. It won't be via webcam nor phone calls just simply web chat! Opinions please AIBU

WibbleWobbleJellyHead Tue 28-Jun-16 18:53:40


AdjustableWench Tue 28-Jun-16 19:04:51

It sounds like he has offered to do it instead. You should take him up on it.

Kungfupandaworksout16 Tue 28-Jun-16 19:13:00

adjustable he already works long hours as it is, so that's why I wanted to do this for extra money it fits in around job and I'd still be able to see him. If he was to take a second job I would hardly see him

AdjustableWench Tue 28-Jun-16 19:49:00

If you're serious about doing sex work you should do some research into the type of work you'd be doing, and also talk to a few people who have done similar work. I have read that it can be quite emotionally taxing and not as well paid as people usually think.

WibbleWobbleJellyHead Tue 28-Jun-16 19:50:10

Honestly, I can't imagine there's much money to be had just from conversations on line. I think you'd be expected to move into web camming etc.

Coulddowithanap Tue 28-Jun-16 20:06:43

I think there are better ways to make money at home tbh.

RandyMagnum Tue 28-Jun-16 23:50:34

As above, is there even any money in that? Given that people can get onto webcam sites pretty quickly, where is the draw in chatting to someone you can't see via web chat?

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