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to think if private education is so good, why are we in the shite we're in

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bearofnothingness Wed 15-Jun-16 22:40:10

or are the richer getting richer so happier?

MoltoIncazzata Wed 15-Jun-16 22:41:55


Are you bring unreasonable to have a thought? No.

JeremyHunt Wed 15-Jun-16 23:22:10

Are you referring to our MPs?

BIWI Wed 15-Jun-16 23:24:52

Hmm. Clearly you didn't have the benefit of a good education. Either that you're on glue, or you're pissed.

Come back tomorrow and try again.

PaulAnkaTheDog Wed 15-Jun-16 23:37:16

Ummmmmmmm what?

Nataleejah Wed 15-Jun-16 23:43:52

Private education produced David Cameron

toconclude Thu 16-Jun-16 01:04:45


so? Private education (on a huge academic scholarship) also "produced" (although it isn't a sausage machine, people make choices) my OH, who is one of the best people I know.

Nataleejah Thu 16-Jun-16 05:17:41

Good for you

milliemolliemou Thu 16-Jun-16 16:55:59

@Nataleejah Private education also produced Jeremy Corbyn. I'm not keen on it myself, but your point is what?

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 16-Jun-16 17:46:33

I get you, OP. Only 7% of the population go through private education, but they are over-represented in government and institutions.

Personal opinion; since so many in government came from such similar educations/backgrounds, there will be a lack of diversity of viewpoints which lends itself to groupthink. Initial ideas are not sufficiently challenged / debated / honed / developed. Hence bad ideas that went unchallenged etc. get implemented.

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