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to use two different primary schools for my DC?

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dondondon99 Wed 08-Jun-16 22:56:09

DD8 was unhappy at her school and moved at Easter this year to a primary (school A) 0.7 miles from our house. She really likes it there and is much happier. DD3 had a different school (school B) as her first choice for a reception place because at the time of application, school A had a five person long waiting list for a year 3 space for older DD while school B only had one other person on their list. DD3 got into school B. I am appealing (on Friday) on the basis that DD3 now has a sibling at school A but there are 24 appeals for a reception place so the chances of success are slim. However we are close and have a sibling so hopefully we have a good case.

School B is 2.4 miles from our house in the opposite direction so the schools are just over 3 miles apart. Both start at 8.50 and school A finishes at 3.20 while school B finishes at 3.30. Neither have before or after school clubs. School A is a large town centre academy. School B is a tiny village school where DD3 would know 4 of the 9 children in her class from nursery. She has some additional needs so I think a smaller school and knowing people would help her immensely, particularly as she'll be one of the youngest in her year. I can't move DD8 again as it'd be unsettling for her and school B still don't have a space anyway.

I really think they are both better suited to different schools but don't know whether to disregard this to make things easier logistically. If the appeal was successful and both DDs went to the same school we could walk to and from school each day. Events would be on the same days and not clash.

If they went to different schools it would be rushing around driving at both drop offs and collections and events could clash, too. I'd struggle to make it from school A to school B in ten minutes because of parking and traffic at the end of the day. I could drop DD8 (9 in September) at 8.40 as I could trust her to wait and play in the playground. But I have no idea how the end of the day would work. I know other mums from school B but because of DD3s needs she would be distressed at me being late or waiting with anyone else.

If I haven't totally confused you, and you could provide any thoughts or advice it would be greatly appreciated. It's worth mentioning I also have DD1 so she'd go to the same primary as DD3. The route to school A is one road with a crossing then one small road near school so I'd probably be happy with DD walking it from next year so any struggles will only be for a year which doesn't seem long considering picking the right school for DD3 will affect her for 7 years.

nicolasixx Wed 08-Jun-16 23:04:32

Are there after school clubs that you could sign up for? many schools here are single sex and/or selective so it's totally normal to have 2 or 3 in different schools and everyone seems to get by with shares or after school clubs. It does mean a bit more rushing and driving - great if you don't need to but if you do, you will figure out a way. good luck

namechangedtoday15 Wed 08-Jun-16 23:04:58

It sounds as though you don't have a choice - if the appeal is unsuccessful and you can't move your 8 yr old again, you don't have any other option. I'd look at maybe a childminder collecting perhaps if you can't do both collections. If it's only for a couple of years (before your 8 yr old goes to high school) and you think each school suits the child, then no, YANBU to use 2 different schools.

1Catherine1 Wed 08-Jun-16 23:05:32

Schools are amazingly accomodating places because the teachers are in fact human and often, parents too.

If you think it is best, talk to the head and see what can be done in accommodating your children. Maybe one can have a special arrangement to sit in the library for 10 minutes before school (the more responsible 9 yo). I'm sure school B would be ok, holding on to your DD for an extra 5 minutes every day because of it not being possible to be in two places at once. They will simply let her out last every day.

TALK to them though, don't assume as that would make you look like a bad parent.

dondondon99 Wed 08-Jun-16 23:13:51

I can't afford a childminder, unfortunately. There's only one after school club per week, the rest are at lunch time. If the appeal is unsuccessful I could still turn down the place at school B and put DD3 on the waiting list for school A but I just don't know what to do for the best.

1Catherine1 Wed 08-Jun-16 23:18:14

I was 10 minutes late for school every day for all of year 9 of high school because my mum and dad had to work and I had to drop my sister off at the primary school that didn't start till 5 minutes after my school did. I was marked late for school that year twice! My form teacher understood the situation and they adjusted. He would do the register, leave my name blank and wait till I walked through the door.

Seriously - don't worry about it. Just talk to the schools and sort something out. Either one of them gets special permission to be late, or they accommodate them earlier. The choice is theirs.

selly24 Thu 09-Jun-16 00:13:22

Have you looked into a childminder? Or just assumed it would be too expensive for you? If a minder already collects from your older daughters school she may be open to a fee per term rather than a hourly rate?
(suggest minder for your older daughter as you.mentioned your younger one would be distressed at alternative person collecting?

dondondon99 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:17:38

Yes I've looked into a childminder. None collect from school a because there's a walking bus to a nursery after school club but it's only payable by the hour @ £5.15 which I can't afford.

CodyKing Thu 09-Jun-16 22:24:01

I have twins at different schools plus a thru at high school

Somethings clash - most things don't - school run us always difficult but manageable

Can DC3 be a teacher helper? Maybe you'll get to know more parents?

Mishaps Thu 09-Jun-16 22:29:29

All 3 of our children went to different schools, as they were such different people. Some of the transport stuff was a pain, but definitely worth it.

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