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Deathstare33 Wed 08-Jun-16 18:02:29

If you was to accidentally hit someone's car who you knew. And to save the faff and expense to both parties you offer to pay for the small about of damage (£250) and they don't use the money to get the car repaired. Do you think you would have the right to be annoyed? AIBU or ATBU?

helpbuyingahouse Wed 08-Jun-16 18:04:38

Definitely not annoyed. If a dry cleaning damages my clothes and pays me, I don't necessarily need to buy another dress. It also saved you from paying your excess on the insurance

Oysterbabe Wed 08-Jun-16 18:04:47

I think yabu. You agreed a sum of compensation, it makes no difference to you how it's used.
Unless they then claim on insurance of course!

Minniemagoo Wed 08-Jun-16 18:05:35

The bang would have depreciated the value of the car by at least the amount it would cost to fix. Whether the owner used the money to fix the car now or take the hit on the trade in down the line is irrelevant. Wouldn't bother me

Deathstare33 Tue 14-Jun-16 23:13:19

I just felt a little betrayed. Initially I flet £250 a bit much. It really was only a few scuffs. No damage to the car just the paintwork. I trusted her when she told me the amount. I wouldn't say we were friends but felt we had a mutual respect for one another. I only paid the money because I believed that's how much it was to put right. So now it just gets me thinking was it really £250 worth of damage.

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