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to wait to the morning to wake the neighbours

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Egosumquisum Tue 07-Jun-16 10:20:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carabos Tue 07-Jun-16 10:40:01

Years ago there was a leak from the gas main in the road outside our house. It was late on a Friday night, we teenagers had been out on the lash and arrived back in a crowd with us all remarking on the overpowering smell of gas. My dad told us not to ring the gas board because they would either evacuate the street or dig it up, meaning none of us would get any sleep confused. He wanted us to preferably wait till Monday grin or at the very least until the next morning.

We called the gas board and yes, they came out with the fire brigade, got everybody up to move their cars without starting the engines, set up big lamps and proceeded to dig up about 200m of road right outside the house. Dad didn't speak to us all weekend grin.

Egosumquisum Tue 07-Jun-16 10:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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