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BeingHuman Mon 06-Jun-16 23:56:31

Hello all,

I'm posting here for traffic because my appointment is tomorrow morning, and I need answers before there.

I'm prepared to be flamed for this, due to my current state it's possible I'm being over sensitive, and I could use some stern talking too.

I have suffered with mental illness for about three years, and this is well documented with my GP. I suffer with Emetophobia, aniexty, and depression. I've survived for the last year without medication, and recently things have gotten bad. I have been weepy, feeling terrible like my DS would be better without me and unable to sleep.

On Thursday last week I decided to try and get an appointment with my Dr. Was told nothing available, call back next day.

So I did, Friday same story called no appointments left so I asked for a telephone consultation. Was given one for 8.50 this morning, waited for a while after then called in.

Told that they weren't times appointments but I'd be called by 12.30. I waited and still nothing by 3.25 when I called again, was told the dr ran out of time. So I was put on the list for the duty Dr to call me back this afternoon.

It got to half 5 this evening, called again to be told it's not guarenteed, that I would get an a call.

The call never came, and I'm left another sleepless night. Awake and hopeless. I'm going to go in first thing tomorrow and be seen as the first appointment (if you turn up and go in as soon as they open the doors)

I have a friend who has been in similar situations there, where the practice assumed she was being unreasonable and she had to have a receptionist sit in on her appointment. It wasn't a intimate examination either.

My question is can they force this?

I don't want to have to air my dirty laundry infront of some rude receptionist. It's taken so much for me to accept I'm not coping and ask for help. There actions today have made me feel like I'm not entitled to help because it's all in my head.

I don't want to have a receptionist listening but I can't go weeks until I find and register with a new GP and get medication then. I just can't. I feel stuck and scared.

BeingHuman Mon 06-Jun-16 23:56:52

I'm sorry that's come out as word vomit!

OliviaShoo Tue 07-Jun-16 00:05:58

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. It's very poor that you've been given specific times and they haven't followed through.
However I'm not sure I quite follow your paragraph, it jumps. Who said a receptionist will sit in? Why would a receptionist sit in unless someone requested a chaperone? There might be more to your friends story/situation.
You're appt is with the nurse/doctor. No one else has a right to be there. For example, with students, they always ask permission for them to be present, and it is in no way obligatory.
Get your appointment, make sure you know who exactly it is with. Let the receptionist know that you've had two failed phone consultations.
Write things down if it will help.

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