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To think that if you offer to come and babysit for a couple of hours to let someone work...

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CesareBorgiasUnicornMask Sun 05-Jun-16 17:11:02 do not:

- Follow them round talking at them, even after they've said several times that they need to start working.

- Get huffy when they politely say they're going to go elsewhere and shut the door.

-Constantly come in to interrupt with mundane/ vaguely critical observations and queries (eg. You're running out of toilet roll... don't you make a note of these things?/ It doesn't look like you've cleaned the front of your dishwasher in a while... etc).

-Deliberately decide to play hysterically exciting games involving remote control cars and dancing that involve the toddler shrieking, bouncing off the bedroom door and periodically falling over and bursting into tears while wailing for 'Mamamamamaaaaa'. (When your normal once-in-a-blue-moon babysitting MO is to stick netflix on and break out the chocolate buttons, just for context).

-Ask how the person is getting on, and then when they say they have done x, remark 'Gosh is that all? It's hardly worth me coming over, is it??'

I am currently sitting on my bed, a veritable bubbling cauldron of rage. I have achieved virtually nothing in the last two hours and have a splitting headache. Meanwhile, I can hear my 'D'M tanking DS up with Ribena just before we all need to get in the car envy <- not envy. I should go and intervene but frankly cba. The worst thing is this afternoon will be trotted out for months, if not years as 'all the things I do for you...'

I really, really need to learn it's just not worth saying yes to offers of 'help' angry.

Or AIBU and horribly ungrateful?

leelu66 Sun 05-Jun-16 17:14:38

YANBU. When she does trot this afternoon disaster out in the months/years to come, tell her it wasn't remotely helpful.

ListenToYourHeart Sun 05-Jun-16 17:15:12

Yanbu, especially as you needed to work.

In the future could you not ask DM to take the little one out for a few hours instead?

CesareBorgiasUnicornMask Sun 05-Jun-16 17:18:17

She won't take him out because he might run away, apparently...

MuttonCadet Sun 05-Jun-16 17:21:59

Ask her not to help in future.
God knows what she thinks she's doing, but helping ain't it!

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