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To be disillusioned with volunteering at a children's group

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Piratepete1 Sat 04-Jun-16 22:36:58

I recently started volunteering at a local children's group. I used to be a leader there many years ago and really enjoyed it so wanted to get back into it. Ever since I started it has seemed very disorganised. When I applied to help out a couple of years ago I received a curt reply of 'we have no vacancies at the moment' despite the organisation always saying how desperate they are for volunteers. So I left it for a few years and reapplied. After quite a time I was contacted and I started helping out in my village. It is a bit of a shambles and to be honest I am now thinking about giving it up as I am finding it so stressful. The lady who runs it turns up 5 minutes or less before it is due to start. I am usually there 20 mins before and feel a bit of an idiot hanging around with moaning parents waiting to drop their children off. Once it starts the children just amuse themselves and chat for a good 20 mins, rather than taking part in organised activities which is the main point of attending. However, I have hung on in there as I strongly believe in the organisation. Tonight though I basically received a telling off via email from the lady in charge of the area for doing something which was agreed that I do by the local lady at the last meeting before half term. I think I am going to quit now which I am sad about. I could maybe join a group in a different area but it would be more of a trek for me every week and I am worried about being made to feel so unwelcome again.

suchafuss Sat 04-Jun-16 23:46:46

I have volunteered for over two years for one organisation and end of last year volunteered for another. Despite never having had issues with first the second was awful. I have a disability which i made them aware of and yet the role they gave me required i spend hours on my feet and they just didnt seem to understand why this was an issue. I cut my losses and gave extra time to the original organisation.

suchafuss Sun 05-Jun-16 09:11:34

Forgot to add, find somewhere else to volunteer that values your skills and where you feel comfortable

00100001 Sun 05-Jun-16 09:19:11

Volunteer somewhere else.

Becles Sun 05-Jun-16 09:26:06

Find another unit

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