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To not have changed the sheet?

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Beneficent Tue 31-May-16 02:02:20

Just changed my ds's nappy on a change mat at the end of my bed. He rolled off of the change mat as usual - but before I'd had a chance to wipe - so a smallish spot of pee was left on the sheet. It's 2 in the morning and I'm shattered as usual. As he co-sleeps and I want to get him back to bed asap I sprayed with some disinfectant and vigorously wiped then dried with a fan heater. I feel like a complete tramp! AIBU to not change the sheet???

Magstermay Tue 31-May-16 02:04:46

Small spot of wee will be dry before you can change it YANBU. If you left a poonami, definitely a tramp grin

Ineedmorelemonpledge Tue 31-May-16 02:05:08

Yanbu - get some sleep!!!

I've just woken on the sofa (broken leg) and come up to bedroom to find all my ironing in piles on the bed - I forgot about it earlier.

Am seriously contemplating sleeping on it!

Champagneformyrealfriends Tue 31-May-16 02:06:35

YANBU! I know people who have slept with their dc poo on the bottom sheet (not me!). I've slept when she's wee'd on it once too. I think I just rubbed it with a baby wipe blush

WiddlinDiddlin Tue 31-May-16 02:06:42

Is it where your face is going to go?


It's fine then.


If it was POO obviously you'd be taken out back and shot for not immediately incinerating mattress, sheets, carpet, partner, entire house..

Its a tiny droplet of wee. You've probably added more wee to the mattress after a good sneeze. Relax!

SalemSaberhagen Tue 31-May-16 02:12:30

Certainly not, just go back to sleep!

I may or may not have put a towel over sick right by my head when my cosleeping DD was a baby because she had gone back to sleep and I didn't want to wake her!

GingerMerkin Tue 31-May-16 02:24:04

Can't think of anything nicer than cuddling up to a DC with or without a small pee mark. Go back to sleep and enjoy.

Iknownuffink Tue 31-May-16 02:36:23

Go back to sleep and snuggle up with your child.

Beneficent Tue 31-May-16 02:43:59

Thanks all for your replies. I realised that I was probably overreacting by worrying about it and then creating a mumsnet account (longtime lurker) to publicly freak out about it. I usually wash everything straight away which is probably why I'm always tired and therefore more anxious and paranoid! But we're mums, not stepford wives after all! Have a great night! smile

FoxesSitOnBoxes Tue 31-May-16 02:52:38

Get some sleep OP! Night night (our bed also probably has a bit of wee on it)

enterYourPassword Tue 31-May-16 03:41:42

Not unreasonable.

As for "if it was poo", I think it depends how much!

I've slept on a towel on top of puke when our boy threw up for the umpteenth time in our bed and DH and I were too tired to care.

VioletBam Tue 31-May-16 05:25:36

Fan heaters? Vigorous scrubbing? It's a spot of baby pee...not the piss of a drunken and diseased man.

Me624 Tue 31-May-16 05:56:51

I'm amazed you'd even think of changing it in the middle of the night shock admittedly my standards have dropped somewhat since having a DC of my own. DS (12 weeks) has peed or brought up milk on the bed more times than I can count and it's sometimes days before it gets changed grin

Adnerb95 Tue 31-May-16 06:23:30

Relax- you and DS will survive a spot of wee!

Sofabitch Tue 31-May-16 06:36:06

To be honest if at the end of the bed and after a good scrub with baby wipe at that time i doubt I'd even change a poo sheet. Towels cover a multitude of sins for a few hours.

NavyAndWhite Tue 31-May-16 06:38:21

Goodness no yanbu!

A bit of baby pee at the end of the bed? Fret not smile

pearlylum Tue 31-May-16 06:58:55

While a small spot of baby pee wouldn't worry me, I'd have given it a quick wipe with a tissue or something, I do find it odd that the OP
" sprayed with some disinfectant and vigorously wiped then dried with a fan heater" then find time to have a conversation on Mumsnet.
It would have been quicker to change the sheet?

NannyPlumsRuleofThumb Tue 31-May-16 07:05:45

You sound very anxious OP. It's wee not nuclear waste.

lornathewizzard Tue 31-May-16 07:17:18

Be kind to yourself OP. Anxiety is a bitch.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Tue 31-May-16 07:37:40

In the exhaustion of toddlers/babies and night waking - I may have put a large, folded bath towel over the wee patch of a toddler's wet bed in the middle of the night, rather than change the sheets. It's the exhaustion that does it- it's bone-crushing. As long as they're changed in the morning, it's fine imo.

Kariana Tue 31-May-16 07:48:08

I sprayed with some disinfectant and vigorously wiped then dried with a fan heater.

Sheesh we'd have been lucky if I'd even wiped it with a baby wipe at the time. It's a tiny spot of wee, life is too short, sleep is too precious and babies do far worse directly onto your clothes/skin/hair all the time.

JacquesHammer Tue 31-May-16 10:39:23

Christ I'm not even sure I would have changed the day after for a "spot of pee"

ImperialBlether Tue 31-May-16 10:41:42

It's a spot of baby pee...not the piss of a drunken and diseased man.


Ivegotyourgoat Tue 31-May-16 10:45:35

To be honest a wouldn't even bother changing it at all for a bit of baby wee.

I've had wee and sick on my bed from baby ds and unless it's loads I'd only change it when I usually would have.

avocadosweet Tue 31-May-16 10:58:42

I've put a towel over baby sick and baby wee many a time. Probably baby poo too tbh. We have a waterproof sheet on the bed so it's not soaking in. If it was body fluids from a child or adult I'd change it asap though.

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