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AIBU to give the kids the bigger bedroom and turn their playroom into my own home gym?!

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MADEinLONDON Fri 27-May-16 20:08:44

Hi mumsnetters - I can't decide what to do for the best here so I'm seeking advice from you wise peeps! wink

I live in your average 3 bed terraced semi. It's a rental in London, so naturally costs the earth!!! hmm Living with me (no age supplied!), is: DS1 (nearly 14), DD (4) and DS2 (18mo)...

The layout of my gaff is as follows...

-Tiny kitchen
-Huge living/dining room
-Good sized conservatory
-Postage stamp sized garden (irrelevant)

-Huge master bedroom
-Small double bedroom
-Single bedroom
-Bathroom with no window (AKA the sauna)

At the moment, I am in the master bedroom with DS2, DD is in the single bedroom and DS1 in the small double. It's come to a point now, where DS2 needs to ditch the cot bed and start sharing a room with his sister, as I think (okay, I know) that my insomnia and my sleep-talking is waking the poor little bugger up. blush I will say that all 3 kids are fantastic sleepers (always have been) and it's me that's the pain in the arse!

DS1 starts his exam years from September, so needs his own space and privacy to study/get on with other puberty related activities grin so he will be going in the single bedroom on his jack jones.

I was going to put DD and DS2 into the small double bedroom and actually bought some low to the ground bunk-beds off of ebay ready for that exact purpose. But I'm starting to doubt if 4 and 18 months is really old enough for bunk-beds (they WILL piss about, climb, fall, push each other off the top and occasionally wee the bed - no doubt about it)! SO I'm beginning to wonder whether they'd be better off in two single beds in the master bedroom for now (the small double would not accommodate this unless both singles were pushed together to make a double and I don't want them to have to share a bed). Literally the small double bedroom can only really fit a double bed and a chest of drawers OR bunk-beds, drawers and a toybox...

Currently, the conservatory downstairs is being used as a playroom by the kiddiewinks and they have most of their toys in there. I have my cross-trainer and tumble dryer squashed into one corner, however.

My way of thinking is, that I could put the two younger kids (each in their single beds) in the master bedroom with all of their toys up there too, so that they can play in their room. Then I could squeeze into the small double with just a chest of drawers. There are wardrobes all along one wall in the master bedroom and plenty of hanging space, so I could easily share that with the smalls. Then I could convert the conservatory/playroom into a home gym for meeeeeee! I already have the elliptical, and a turbo trainer for my bike. All I need now is some free-weights and a rowing machine and I'm grand! grin

But is that a stupid idea or very selfish? Decisions have never been my strong point but I must admit this has got me stumped!

Pros for me moving to small double and kids to master bedroom:

-Kids can be in single beds (easier and safer)
-They can play in their room together
-Home gym for me grin
-Not so many toys strewn around the living area downstairs
-The master is a warmer, bigger brighter room. Small double is above an archway (leading to garages) and so with nothing underneath, it gets very cold in the winter. Better for the babies to be warm.


-They'd be confined to their room a lot more
-My poor lovely neighbour might not appreciate the new noise levels as the master bedroom is adjacent to hers (the small double is next to nobody so the could be as loud as they liked in there)
-I'd be pretty bloody cramped! I'd also be sharing the master wardrobes, so run the risk of waking the kids if I ever need to go in and grab something whilst they're asleep
-Master is above the living room and picks up the noise from the telly downstairs

I realise that this is seriously long and dull (sorry) grin but it's like it's too complicated for my pea-brain to make a decision here!!! Feel selfish for keeping the bigger bedroom to myself, but also feel selfish for potentially nicking their playroom even if they do get the presidential suite in return..!

Please help me before I actually up and move house due to this!!! grin

whois Fri 27-May-16 20:21:03

Will they play in the room or will they want to be near you downstairs anyway?

purplefox Fri 27-May-16 20:25:00

I doubt they'd want to play upstairs in their room when you're downstairs, all the toys will still make their way to the living room/kitchen/conservatory

MADEinLONDON Fri 27-May-16 20:26:37

They have bursts of going off to do their own thing and then sometimes they follow me around like a bad smell (usually when I'm trying to either bathe or make dinner)! hmm grin

On the when we're not out and about or reading stories, they tend to just buzz about making mess! They play together really nicely but my god they're loud!!!

onecurrantbun1 Fri 27-May-16 20:27:30

My girls aged 4.5 and 2.4 would just bring their toys downstairs from their bedroom, as I did as a kid. If you think they'll play in their room as planned YANBU.

Could you have a small double bed (4 ft?) To free up some space in the 2nd bedroom? Obviously not if you have a DP who stays overnight!

confusedandemployed Fri 27-May-16 20:32:58

I say go for it. So what if they bring toys down? IME it's actually better if they do that and play in the living room. When 3yo DD plays in her room she and her little mates pull put every sodding toy she owns. It takes me hours just to put it all away.

So give them the big to, let them play in the living room and take their toys back up at bedtime, and make yourself a lovely gymlair!

confusedandemployed Fri 27-May-16 20:33:27

The big room

WhatsGoingOnEh Fri 27-May-16 20:33:54

Lovely lovely idea... But mine NEVER played in their bedrooms until they were about 8 or 9. They always wanted to be downstairs. Plus wouldn't you worry about an 18m/o playing upstairs, out of your sight? I would. But I am neurotic

Can't you sleep in the naster bedroom in a smallish bed and set all your gym stuff up in there too?

I think they'd be fine in bunk beds.

MADEinLONDON Fri 27-May-16 21:57:29

Thanks everyone - I think you may all be right when you say that they probably won't stay up in their bedroom - so I can probably cross the "toys not being strewn everywhere" off the list as you can bet they still will be!!! grin

I do worry about the bunk-beds a bit. Not even so much about them hurting themselves, but more about the temptation to piddle about with them all the time (which they will)! DS2 is built like the Hulk and is very physically competent (amazing upper body strength)! He can already scale most high-up things at an alarming rate so stairs/ladders are piece of cake! He will be a pain. DD is less strong but a nutter so she will be just as bad!!! grin

On balance, I think it's the bed situation that's worrying me the most. So I think I'll do a test run with the bunk-beds for a couple of weeks. If it goes as badly as planned, then I'll stick them in the bigger room on singles for a year or two. I won't take away their playroom just yet! (I can always hide the rower under the bed)!

Gosh - I moan about his screen time, but teenage DS1 and his console(s) are so much easier to contain!!!

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