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to find this annoying re: boyfriend/SO

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LillyVonSchtupp Thu 19-May-16 13:17:48

It was my birthday this week and as Thursdays are 'our' night (both have DC) he offered to take me out for dinner to a very small and very busy restaurant (he knows this). I bought a new dress and all smile.

He has just text to say that he emailed the restaurant a few days ago but they have "ignored" him so what do I want to do now?

Why the hell would he not just have picked up the bloody phone and rang them confused.

AIBU to find this kind of passivity and ineptitude irritating?

MrsBed2b Thu 19-May-16 13:31:11

Sounds like my OH, irritating yes, should you let is ruin your night, no.

I usually just make all our reservations myself so I know its done.

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