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AIBU to nag and become the right role model for kids

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Sunandsea2016 Mon 09-May-16 13:27:40

My DH believes in women's equality, proud of me being more educated than him. We both are in jobs we love. DH works really hard and it has reflected in his career. I enjoy my job but don't work thru weekends and late nights like him. I am very house proud and he is absolutely not. It used to work well as I am happy to keep the house tidy. Recently I have noticed my older DD (11yrs) tidying up when DH or cousin brothers leave mess around, shrugging typical when asked. I hope she doesn't grow up to think it is a woman's job to tidy the house. So now I have turned into an incessant nag, asking my DH to do his share of the housework. He takes the effort after some nagging (DH is happy for me not to tidy up). I end up redoing a lot and it is becoming very stressful. How do I keep my sanity, a clean house and bring up my daughter believing in women's equality.

SnookieSnooks Mon 09-May-16 14:57:16

I think it's all about pulling in the same direction. Both parents should do cleaning, tidying, cooking, laundry etc as well as
Gardening, DIY etc. When I was a child, when my mum was doing the painting and decorating, my Dad would cook. Inevitablely, each parent will be better at some things than others. Just try to balance it out.

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