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Re: Christening Photos

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JaneVillanueva Sun 01-May-16 20:28:08

DD was christened at the beginning of December and a friend of DHs who is trained in photography but doesn't do it as a living did the photos for us. The thing is, we still haven't got them back.

She had some personal issues just after the christening, which I completely understand and gave her some time, but it's almost May and we still don't have them.

Wibu to message her and ask her what's going on? I haven't had any contact with her, it's all been through DH, but he doesn't want to bug her (he hasn't spoken to her in over a month)

TooLazyToWriteMyOwnFuckinPiece Sun 01-May-16 20:36:42

Was this a paid arrangement or a favour?

MatildaTheCat Sun 01-May-16 20:37:09

Of course you can send her a friendly message asking whether she's been able to sort out the photos yet as you are looking forward to seeing them.

Unfortunately I hope you have some back ups because it doesn't sound too hopeful.

CakeNinja Sun 01-May-16 20:38:28

Yanbu, you aren't hounding her!
Did anyone else take any photos at all?

MiddleClassProblem Sun 01-May-16 20:41:00

A friendly message just saying if she could send them over, sure. Particularly with digital being so easy to do. You could even mention drop box of shall I give you a USB stick if it's easier etc

JaneVillanueva Sun 01-May-16 22:28:52

Sorry, started watching Netflix and forgot.

It was a prearranged paid for agreement. And no, not really sad she said she would put them on a USB anyway so we could have all the photos but she's printing s few off herself for us.

Thank you, I will message her tomorrow.

19lottie82 Sun 01-May-16 22:31:41

Don't "message her", pick up the phone and speak to her!

If you paid for them then of course you're within your rights to chase the photos!

Sandalwearingdoglady Sun 01-May-16 23:15:49

If you've paid her then I don't see the issue. Ask for them.

AdjustableWench Sun 01-May-16 23:55:00

Just ask nicely. If she's having some personal issues, well, that happens. But maybe she can give you a timescale for when she might be able to get the photos to you. Most people respond quite well to being asked nicely.

MiddleClassProblem Sun 01-May-16 23:57:45

In my experience, if she's going through some shit a message is easier to deal with than a phone call which can catch you off guard, particularly if it's not someone who you normally talk to

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