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to get really annoyed with people in cars refusing to give me room!

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Bloodystupidusernamer00lz Tue 19-Apr-16 21:54:54

A lot of the roads around where I live are small, single track country roads. I ride a small motorbike.

This means that I often encounter other vehicles on the road coming the opposite direction.

Today the road was fairly busy on my way home, 3/4 drivers passed me and not a single one moved over to give me room to pass or even slowed down. They just drove at me and expected me to move out of the way. Often this means that in order to move enough so they don't hit me I have to squeeze myself right next to the hedge/wall/kerb and consequently ride in the stones/potholes/vegetation that accumulates there which gives me a very real chance of getting a flat tyre and getting whipped with plants that grow along the side of the road.

Aibu to get annoyed? Why can't they move over just a foot or so?! I know I have a small bike and car fit into smaller spaces but come on! If i

Bloodystupidusernamer00lz Tue 19-Apr-16 21:55:48

If I was another car they would have to either stop completely, slow right down or reverse to give the other car enough room to pass so why don't they show me the same courtesy!

leelu66 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:28:06

YANBU. I drive a small car and sometimes get larger cars trying to intimidate me into giving them away.

My car is scratched up anyway and I'm not fussed about another scratch so rarely give them way if they are being arsey.

I'm not suggesting you do this! Would a couple of sharp toots of the horn startle them into giving you way?

Whatever you do, keep safe and don't let these halfwits get to you.

Bloodystupidusernamer00lz Tue 19-Apr-16 22:49:16

I think the trouble is there is very little I can do about it because as a motorcyclist I am much more vunerable and can't get into a game of chicken with a car because I will definitely come off worse! So I just have to keep on being pushed into the hedge sad

Driving on the road where my MIL lives is terrifying, another single track road with a lot of blind corners and people come tearing around the corner at incredible speeds, feel like I'm taking my life in my hands everytime I go round a bend!

swiggityswoogity Wed 20-Apr-16 03:41:53

A handful of crushed spark plug to the window as they pass does wonders to vent my ragegrin

EponasWildDaughter Wed 20-Apr-16 08:17:30

YANBU, but to be honest most of the drivers round here drive like that no matter what's coming at them. Horse, bike, motorbike, car or lorry.

It's like they've got a bloody death wish and think other road users can just levitate out of their way i think angry Utter twats.

I never let any of my kids ride their bikes down the lanes between villages for this reason, and i wouldn't risk riding a small vehicle myself round here either.

purplevase Wed 20-Apr-16 08:20:50

I think it is a more acute problem with bikes and motor-bikes, and as you say you are more vulnerable. There is a case for five-yearly refresher courses in this country - with making people more aware of more vulnerable road users being top of my list of things to cover. YANBU but nothing will change.

I would support everyone who takes a driving test having to ride a bike as well (unless disabled). It teaches you a lot about driving when you ride a bike on a busy road.

TheCrumpettyTree Wed 20-Apr-16 08:56:21

Yanbu. I grew up in the countryside and there are lots of drivers who refuse to move over on country lanes, mainly those with bigger cars. You cannot drive in the middle of the road.

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