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to be annoyed at being called by work when i am on holiday?

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Thinkmummy Tue 12-Apr-16 16:51:46

I'm off work this week enjoying a well deserved break with my other half and 3 year old.. Work have rang asking for my help needing me to log on and do two tasks for them that apparently cant wait till next mondayhmm.

Backstory I've been doing the job of two people since my colleague went on maternity early Jan they have not found someone suitable to replace her.. This has caused my workload to sky rocket and there is only me in my area and my supervisor who overseas part of my work and other areas.
Now the request came from my manager in relation to some backlog of work from 2015 ( that we have been in fortnightly communication a shortage of manpower is preventing it from being cleared) and a new colleague that has taken over a small section of work none of these requests I feel are business critical and caused me to spend about 30-40 min working from home (unpaid) am I being sensitive or are they bu?

PassiveAgressiveQueen Tue 12-Apr-16 16:55:09

could you have claimed to be on a day out, nowhere near a PC.
as i think companies are taking the piss about working during holidays.

KoalaDownUnder Tue 12-Apr-16 16:55:33

30-40 minutes? Umm...I'd let it go. As long as they don't ask you again this week.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 12-Apr-16 16:55:39

You've every reason to be annoyed

But don't answer the phone to work when you're off and say no. You could have been anywhere where it's not possible to do it.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Tue 12-Apr-16 16:57:02

Depends on the job and how much they pay you normally.

HoppingForward Tue 12-Apr-16 16:58:08

Work phone or personal one?

My work phone gets switched off when on holiday. Senior management have my personal number if a quick text is needed.

Thinkmummy Tue 12-Apr-16 16:58:32

They would have expected me to do in an evening if I claimed I was out.. I obviously have issues saying no and get the feeling if I ignored my managers phone call it would have created tension when I got back..

whois Tue 12-Apr-16 16:59:03

Yeah totally depends on your job and pay scale.

Thinkmummy Tue 12-Apr-16 16:59:38

I'm only an accounts clerk on £19k.. Don't have a works mobile just a personal one

TresDesolee Tue 12-Apr-16 17:00:50

They've definitely got no right to insist - they can sod off with that! If they're managing the workload so badly that they can't cope with staff having annual leave, that's their problem.

Turn your OOO on and do not answer the phone if you can see it's them - they're not going to be contacting you to see whether you had a lovely day 😜

capsium Tue 12-Apr-16 17:02:17

They are being unreasonable.

What you'll have to do next time is make yourself really unavailable. You will not be at home (all day) or close to any dial in facilities. You could be swimming, at the cinema, be having your cabelling sorted (not a lie if you faff about with some switches), at a relative's house, visiting someone in hospital or in an area with no phone connection.

NB: the Lake District has awful phone signal. wink

Duckdeamon Tue 12-Apr-16 17:02:17

They're being very unreasonable, but unless you want to go down the route of refusing and/or putting in a grievance you might want to avoid work phone calls in future and "miss" messages!

AlpacaPicnic Tue 12-Apr-16 17:02:47

It would annoy me too. I would do it this once (begrudgingly!) but I would claim the time back in terms of a more lengthy lunch hour, or leaving early one day. And I would certainly be 'booking a holiday in a remote cabin with no wifi or electricity' for my next holidays... wink

Duckdeamon Tue 12-Apr-16 17:02:56

Just don't answer the phone and claim not to have got the messages

bloodyteenagers Tue 12-Apr-16 17:03:44

I block all work numbers when I am my holidays.

It has caused hmm looks on my return. But I just say what do you expect. I am on holiday. My phone is off so people cannot annoy me.

whois Tue 12-Apr-16 17:04:03

Accounts clerk @ £19k you should not be expected to do work on your holiday.

capsium Tue 12-Apr-16 17:04:15

Oh and you are allowed for your personal phone to have charging problems.

Littleallovertheshop Tue 12-Apr-16 17:04:20

Pays scale has nothing to do with it. A holiday is a holiday - ie you are not contracted to work.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Tue 12-Apr-16 17:05:27

At that level I don't think it's reasonable.

kelda Tue 12-Apr-16 17:06:51

This is the problem with modern technology, people are expected to be available 24/7 even when you are on holiday. They have already caused you stress by pressurising you. I remember when my parents worked they got home at 6pm and that was it. No texts, no emails, they didn't even have a phone 40 years ago.

Thinkmummy Tue 12-Apr-16 17:10:22

Right lesson learned I think rest of my break I am on days out (which I will be for most of the day) could say didn't have chance to reply in office hours

LurkingHusband Tue 12-Apr-16 17:13:05

It's a shame OOO can't automatically link up with phones, and set them to divert to voicemail when on. That would be worth any number of fart apps.

oldlaundbooth Tue 12-Apr-16 17:20:44

They are BU.

But in future as you say just don't answer your phone!

'didn't have chance to reply in office hours'.

Yes, but you are on holidays, therefore "office hours' don't exist.

You don't earn enough to be 'on call'.

They know that too, they are taking the proverbial.

AugustaFinkNottle Tue 12-Apr-16 17:25:36

It seems pretty ridiculous that they haven't found someone to replace your colleague for an accounts job, particularly given that they presumably had notice of the fact that they would need to do so some time before she went on maternity leave. Is the reality that they're saving money by making everyone cover it, including expecting you to do things on your days off? If there's an HR there, it could be worth having a chat with them when you're back about making sure there is no repetition.

FuriousFate Tue 12-Apr-16 17:27:24

Sounds like they're pisstakers. If you're the only person able to perform this function then it looks like you need a pay rise!

I used to work for an airline. If admin rang a pilot on their day off, it was counted as part of their working hours for the year, and messed up the rosters no end. No one made that mistake twice!

I'd decline (politely). You have better things to do.

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