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in thinking people shouldn't start a post on the baby names board unless they're going to come back and update everyone!

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AnotherRubberDuck Fri 25-Mar-16 20:38:42

I want to know what they chose!!

What threads on here wind you up for no reason?

PurpleDaisies Fri 25-Mar-16 20:39:59

Most of the "am I pregnant" ones.
How do I know? Do a bloody test!

TrinityForce Fri 25-Mar-16 20:40:48

Nah baby names threads are all wind ups anyway

Nobody really believes you're naming your unborn triplets India Paris and London

BlueCheeseandcrackers Fri 25-Mar-16 20:41:22

😂 purple!! So true they really wind me up!!

Sparklingbrook Fri 25-Mar-16 20:41:45

People shouldn't post on the baby names board full stop. Just name your baby already. hmm

Fangs4themammaries Fri 25-Mar-16 20:43:19

Yep, stopped reading them because you never find out the final name,

RockUnit Fri 25-Mar-16 21:47:37

AIBU threads without a proper title. Things like

... to ask you this...

... to want to know?

... to think IABU?

You click to find out more, then see it was about something that doesn't really interest you, and you wouldn't have clicked if the title had said what it was about.

Solobo Fri 25-Mar-16 21:56:56

Anything to do with mn royalty or favourite mn as its full of people posting purely so they hope they get a mention.

AnotherRubberDuck Sat 26-Mar-16 08:07:21

Yes Rock !! That winds me right up!
I don't click these on principle. Wish others would boycott them to then they could die out.

MadameJosephine Sat 26-Mar-16 18:10:09

Posters who post a scan photo asking for opinions on the sex particularly those which show a baby's face and no sign of genitals!

NeedsAsockamnesty Sat 26-Mar-16 18:23:16


I posted a baby name thread when pondering my current youngests name it ran to a fair few pages several posters came on making comments like this is a joke right and a couple called me a troll.

I did go with that name in the end, I'm glad I did.

But I did not much feel like coming back and saying ive had the baby and yes I named her xyz. For the same reason why when most of us talk about our kids on here we don't tend to use their actual names

fluffypenguinbelly Sat 26-Mar-16 18:24:37

The problem with updating baby names is that it is then very identifying!

HackerFucker22 Sat 26-Mar-16 18:29:06

Yeah I asked about a name (under an old user name - pre hacking incident) and I decided to use it... don't want the whole of mn knowing as it's quite unusual. Well it's not top 100.

JuxtapositionRecords Sat 26-Mar-16 19:03:54

Someone posted on here a while back 'my period is late, could I be pregnant'. When I said 'how would we know, just do a test' or similar I got handed my arse on a plate by one poster. But seriously - why the feck would you ask something like this??

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