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Aibu mobile banking drives me up the wall!!

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Rhian91 Thu 24-Mar-16 16:20:57

Aibu to expect my bank to sort out stuff over the phone. New pass code came through the post, needed it to go online and download a statement to send of with mortgage application. So used the new pass code and now I'm locked out. Had to phone up. So they are now sending me another pass code which will take another 3-4 business days. Which is delaying my application.
I know I should have my paper statements but Dp does love his shredder so they no longer exist. Would it have been so difficult for them to Idk reset it or unlock it there and then. Instead of making me wait. Don't know if this is just pregnancy hormones making me so annoyed and frustrated or am I justified in being so annoyed.

SylviaWrath Thu 24-Mar-16 16:25:12

Why did you need a new pass code? If it was because you forgot it or locked yourself out, thats really more your fault than theirs. And how did you manage to get locked out with the new pass code?

If you need to print off a statement then they can't really help you over the phone. They can't just unlock it for you if their procedures don't allow for that. And you shredded your statements in the first place, also not their fault.

So sounds like YABU.

Orangeanddemons Thu 24-Mar-16 16:29:33

I feel your pain...

First Direct has to go through about 500 security screens to get to your account.

You log on their website. Then you log onto their app. Then they send you a code. Then you have to carry on logging onto your online account with the code. Then you put the code in wrong as it's on a timer, which means I get even more harassed. So you have to get another bloody code etc etc ect

I've given up using it, it drives me fucking nuts. It's too hard to access. I know it's for security. But, I read an article I think in the New Scientist, saying that passwords were becoming unusable as thy now have to be so complex.

Looks like First Direct are the champions of this.

Rainatnight Thu 24-Mar-16 16:34:26

I've just joined First Direct and am really disappointed for that reason and because their app won't work in my house! They say it's because of my internet signal but it's strong enough for streaming movies, the Barclays app...


rewardformissingmojo Thu 24-Mar-16 16:36:16

Got to agree, will be leaving First Direct as soon as I can, for this reason. Halifax is much easier, imho.

Rhian91 Thu 24-Mar-16 16:37:54

Thank you for understanding orangeanddemons, at least they were nice on the phone. But omg the faff of online banking.
Best thing is I entered it correctly but the other number I need which I had they changed and are sending it out in a separate letter. I only ordered a new pass code. Not the other one aswell.
So that's what frustrated me. Oh and paying £5 on a paper statement to be sent out.
Oh well live and learn.

SylviaWrath Thu 24-Mar-16 16:40:55

You need a different bank. Mine couldn't be easier to use, no faff at all.

Heyheyheygoodbye Thu 24-Mar-16 16:45:28

I'm with First Direct and I find it really simple! Phone app works with fingerprint - brilliant - so I hardly ever log in on my computer, to be fair.

Orangeanddemons Thu 24-Mar-16 16:53:16

I need a stiff drink before I can even face logging on. I have to do it in isolation, as it's like cracking a code. Who was that guy in the war? Turin was it? Or that film my Beautiful Mind. It's like dealing with that.

Arrrrrghhh just talking about it makes me want to scream and hide! Then if you need to contact them by phone you need different passwords to your account, and different passwords for their app, and bloody verified by visa. I HATE it.

Heyheyheygoodbye Thu 24-Mar-16 16:56:19

I wonder if it is different with different products? Because I find them easier than any other bank I've tried! I only need one password when I call, and I've memorised the Internet login so it's not difficult at all. I don't have to use an infuriating little card reader thing like I used to with my old bank. A human always answers the phone so I don't have to input a PIN. It's great! Scared now I'm on an old system and it's all going to go wrong soon shock

Rhian91 Thu 24-Mar-16 17:00:53

It doesnt help that you need a password and memorable words for everything. Bank, work news, payslips, PayPal and anything else. My memory just isn't good enough.

Orangeanddemons Thu 24-Mar-16 17:23:47

And you're not supposed to write them down.....

I've given up buying stuff from websites where they want you to log in. I always choose the Guest checkout option. It's just too hard and breaks my brain.

Fluffy40 Thu 24-Mar-16 17:57:40

I'm with Santander, no problems yet so far, and they pay interest

ihatethecold Thu 24-Mar-16 18:14:14

I changed to first direct recently to get £100 but i frigging hate it.
It's so bloody complex.
Far too much to remember.
I can open the phone app with my thumbprint but I can't do that with the desktop site.
I will be leaving them as soon as I can be arsed to.
Probably back to Natwest.
Their app and site is so much easier.
Someone should tweet this thread to first direct.

blueskyinmarch Thu 24-Mar-16 18:30:50

I am with Bank of Scotland and their mobile app is so easy to use. I get right in with three letters/digits from my pass code. Easy to pay bills and manage my accounts. I love it.

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