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to ask about Barrys Bootcamp

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dandydesmond Tue 08-Mar-16 12:21:40

So I currently got the gym twice a week - once with a personal trainer and once on my own. I am very very bad at motivation, hence the trainer and i am useless at making myself go more. as such, I'm not losing any weight - i'm just getting a bit fitter.

I've been reading hearing a lot about these celebrity boot camps recently. Barrys is popular in London and everyone at works bangs on about it for ages each day. Some of them have apparently developed abs in 2 weeks its so good. It's apparently also brutal, but I wouldn't expect any less.

I would like to try it as i think it might be something i could motivate myself to go to but its so expensive that I am worried its all hype. Has anyone been or know anyone who has that can confirm whether it does actually work and more importantly, am I going to die if im not super fit before going?

PseudoBadger Wed 09-Mar-16 20:38:01

I can only be biased I'm afraid as my friend is very involved in the running of the U.K. franchise but it certainly seems both incredibly tough and to get results. It also seems to inspire almost cult-like devotion among its clients!
I will be going for a few sessions hopefully some time in the future.

merlinalison Wed 09-Mar-16 21:03:47

I would try British military fitness first -very much more reasonable price wise and great results. I used to love it -only stopped going after an injury (elsewhere not from bmf) and fantastic for motivation.

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