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To throw this stuff away???

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Bellygirl Fri 04-Mar-16 13:49:29

Someone please help! Me, DP and DS have lived in this house for 3 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff. There is clutter everywhere most of it is too good to be thrown out but never used so I will spend ages organising stuff to be taken to charity shops...of course this never happens as there is never time in between work and everything else so it ends up with someone looking for something in the boxes bags etc and it will be all over the house again. I am off work today so I want to sort everything out but feel too bad about throwing anything away when it could be reused...nearest charity shop would be a 45 minute bus journey there and another 45 minutes back...I DO NOT HAVE TIME! AIBU to just throw everything out, I'm already feeling terrible just thinking about it!!! My house is such a mess though and it's really getting me down now sad

TooDamnSarky Fri 04-Mar-16 13:50:41

Give it away via a local Facebook group.

formerbabe Fri 04-Mar-16 13:52:25

Chuck it.

This is how clutter accumulates and doesn't get sorted out....people think oh I can sell that, give that away, someone will use that...except it never happens.

If it's upsetting you..get rid then relax in a nice clean house!

Bejeena Fri 04-Mar-16 14:12:06

Whilst I am a huge fan of decluttering and having a simple home I think that putting perfectly good and usable things in to landfill is bad. Give it away on freecycle or a facebook site.

Oysterbabe Fri 04-Mar-16 14:57:53

I think it would be bad to chuck it. Don't you have a car? Are there any of those charity collection bins anywhere? Our local supermarket has one.

PortobelloRoad Fri 04-Mar-16 15:10:14

Have it collected. There are other charities/companies that do this too. Have a google and see what you can find in your area. It will all go at once this way too.

Happy decluttering!

Portobello beat me to it - I was going to suggest getting it collect d too. Great minds, eh!

MitzyLeFrouf Fri 04-Mar-16 15:12:38

Don't chuck it. See if you can freecycle it or get a charity shop to collect it.

I was in the same boat. I don't have a car but got rid of the stuff bag by bag over a few weeks.

Bellygirl Sat 05-Mar-16 07:43:03

Ok, more people have said 'don't chuck it' so that's just confirmed my bad feeling about throwing it away. I guess I will just have to make a bigger effort to give it away then! I do have a car but its shared with DP and between us both working there's not much free time whilst I have it. I think I'll have to plan a day of gathering items and taking them. Thanks guys!

DoreenLethal Sat 05-Mar-16 07:47:26

Freecycle it - they come to you. Put it all out for a pick up between 12 and 1 tomorrow and whatever isn't taken, goes to the tip.

StealthPolarBear Sat 05-Mar-16 07:49:59

Don't you get those charity bags through your door? If you do, put everything in a bin bag, store it somewhere until you get the next one then put it out

ApocalypseSlough Sat 05-Mar-16 08:02:46

Put it in the back of the car and tell him to find a charity shop or clothing bin on the way to our from work. Most supermarkets have recycling bins.

SocksRock Sat 05-Mar-16 08:05:10

Chuck it in the back of the car? Then it's out of the way and next time you are passing you can drop it off

PurpleWithRed Sat 05-Mar-16 08:06:20

Another vote for freecycle. It's a brilliant way of getting stuff collected from you and out to a good home. And stop buying stuff you don't want or need!

pollyblack Sat 05-Mar-16 08:07:36

If you bag up clothes and books you can usually get rid of them at a recycling point in a supermaket car park. Do you not get those charity bags through the door where they come and collect filled bags?
Other than that yes just bag the rest up and get rid of it, in fact do it today so you don't waste any more energy thinking about it.

RubyChewsDay Sat 05-Mar-16 08:08:16

Ring the charity shop and ask them to collect it.

CakeNinja Sat 05-Mar-16 08:09:38

Id chuck it.
Far better off out the house. You'll never get round to rehoming it, you haven't done this far which is now it's all been able to pile into clutter.
I personally would spend the day sorting and asking friends/family if they wanted bags of clothes etc, and set a deadline to be finished clearing by xpm and spend one hour delivering.
But then I have a car which isn't the case for you. Honestly I'd bin your stuff, it's causing you aggro. But you will feel too guilty about it and so continue to have it cluttering up the place, just in well meaning piles this time grin

RubyChewsDay Sat 05-Mar-16 08:09:51

If you have a Wilko or Sainsburys near you, they sometimes have a charity collection point. You could ring & ask them. Also they are open on Sundays.

Onlytimewilltell Sat 05-Mar-16 08:15:03

What sort of stuff is it? What about where you live? We often put things we don't want out on our front grass with a free sign on them and they are literally gone within minutes. People will have anything that's free!!

SavoyCabbage Sat 05-Mar-16 08:16:45

Your have to get it out of your house as it's affecting your quality of life.

Can you get it to the tip? At our tip, not much goes into the landfill pile. There are places for clothes, electricals, furniture, books, paper, cardboard etc. So you are not throwing it away in that sense.

lljkk Sat 05-Mar-16 09:25:47

Is this really stuff you won't need to go out & buy again? Sounds like OP doesn't even know what's there.

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