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Holiday access VS extra midweek access

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Sunshine87 Thu 25-Feb-16 11:00:17

Access as currently standards

One midweek over night Tues
One overnight at the weekend
One full week in the Summer Holidays.

I try to give extra days during the holidays. My issue is ex only has one full week a year for holiday access. I have stated so many times about him telling me what additional holidays he has that he is welcome to have DS. I know he gets term time holidays as his DW is a primary teacher school. But doesn't tell me. I have to try cover such holidays but would be grateful if he could help. Instead DS has gone to my parents.

Ex then asked for another midweek overnight. I said no because he isnt available to collect DS from shool so i have to collect him and then we have to wait for a couple of hours until he collects him from the house, he has about 1-2 hours max before DS goes to bed. We currently do this on Tuesday. DS hates waiting around and puts everything on hold ( doing tea, settling other DC)

What i don't understand is he would have more quality time during the holidays but doesn't seem to want to accomodate.

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