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to believe that my 2 month old might sleep some time today!!!!

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trian Tue 02-Feb-16 22:52:00

that's it really, got so much to do and apparently so has she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she was asleep and I made the mistake of trying to do up her gro bag so she'll be warm enough, what was I thinking!!!!!!!
flop. :-(
I think she's starting to teeth even tho she's young :-(
on partner to take over and give me a break

PerryHatter Tue 02-Feb-16 23:02:55

Now you know...never disturb a sleeping baby wink mind you, we will continue to fuss over our sleeping children for a long time.
At least, at 2 months old, she shouldn't stay up too long! wine

trian Tue 02-Feb-16 23:21:29

thanks perry, no wine for me as i'm breastfeeding. the gro bags are great just a gamble to put on

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