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to balk at British 'justice' when the Saudis are involved?

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batshitlady Fri 18-Dec-15 17:06:11

If you can't be bothered clicking the link. I'll summarise: A Saudi millionaire property developer has been cleared of raping a teenage girl after claiming he accidentally tripped and fell on her. He said his penis might have been poking out of his underwear when he fell on the teen.....

Mail Online also reported that Judge Martin Griffiths had allowed Mr Abdulaziz to give evidence in private.

I'm wondering if that privilege would have been offered to some bloke on benefits living in a council flat ?

hiddenhome2 Fri 18-Dec-15 17:08:33

Don't diss the Saudi's, they'll start charging us more for oil and all the prices in the shops will go up.

wasonthelist Fri 18-Dec-15 17:11:21

Yanbu except we've had a few million threads on this already. It stinks though.

batshitlady Fri 18-Dec-15 17:13:20

Oh sorry I didn't realise it's been gone through. I only found out today.

TesticleOfObjectivity Fri 18-Dec-15 17:17:32

When I first heard the details and the planned defence I thought it was ridiculous and should be laughed out of court, but part of me was worried. Then he got away with it and my heart sank when I found out. That poor girl. I don't see what is to happen to stop the same defence being used in future rape cases.

wasonthelist Fri 18-Dec-15 17:28:41

Testicle - nothing is being done. Soon we'll be back Thomas Erskine.

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