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to be such a bloody doormat?

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ditavonteesed Fri 18-Dec-15 14:28:16

I have been working loads lately and when I haven't been working I have been doing uni work so barely seen my kids, was looking forward to today as I am off. Dd1 finished school at 12 and asked if she could bring friends home, I said yes, thinking until we pick dd2 up at 3.30 then I could spend some time with them both. However have got dd1 and friends here, they are squealing and being feral. They can't leave until 5.30-6 as apparently they have no parents in and no keys.
This happens all the time, I pay a lot of money for childcare yet whenever I am off I seem to end up with all dd1's friends. I am mad at myself and feeling really grumpy now.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Fri 18-Dec-15 14:45:54

How old are these kids?
Where would they have gone if you were working?

Send them out for some fresh air. To the park or something.

ditavonteesed Fri 18-Dec-15 14:51:59

they are 11, dd1 is 12. I have no idea where they would have gone. I had to swap my shift to be here for dd so I can't go away with dd's and dh tomorrow as I have to work instead so I think that's all that making me grumpy.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 18-Dec-15 14:53:14

Then you need to say No, not today.
Does DD1 get return invites so you get some time off?

rookiemere Fri 18-Dec-15 14:54:50

If your DD is enjoying their company then I guess you have to grin and put up with it.

If you feel you're being exploited by other parents, then maybe it's time to be a bit more up front with other parents. If you're saving them childcare then it should be reciprocal, so ask if they can have your DD over such and such a day after school as you have to work.

theycallmemellojello Fri 18-Dec-15 14:55:58

Is it possible your DD had invited them over earlier and not told you? Or else the parents are happy for the friends to just go off into town and amuse themselves til the evening (I did that at that age). Otherwise I don't really understand what the parents thought was going to happen. I don't understand how the parents could have expected you to look after their kids if they hadn't asked you or anything.

ShamefulPlaceMarker Fri 18-Dec-15 14:58:12

Did you not agree a set time before they came over?

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