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Pineapple is best from a tin

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DyslexicScientist Sun 06-Dec-15 09:36:24

This is just common sense right? Fresh can just be so sharp, makes your teeth sensitive, is difficult to cut and make your tounge / throat feel nasty.

Silvercatowner Sun 06-Dec-15 09:37:56

Hmmm.... no, not 'best'. Both are nice, one is not nicer than the other. Both need extensive cutting equipment to access.

Oysterbabe Sun 06-Dec-15 09:42:31

Yabu. Fresh is a million times nicer.

BrandNewAndImproved Sun 06-Dec-15 09:44:32

I like both.

Fresh for a fruit salad, tinned for cheese and pineapple although tinned is ok in a fruit salad.

PacificDogwod Sun 06-Dec-15 09:46:04


I used to not dislike tinned pineapple, but since I've acquired the brilliant fresh pineapple slicer-and-dicer gadget, it's fresh pineapple all the way for me. Love the stuff.

londonrach Sun 06-Dec-15 09:50:12

Yabu. Nothing beats the fresh which is really easy to cut with a pineapple cutter (lakeland...have given as presents to half my family now)

JamaisDodger Sun 06-Dec-15 09:51:33

YABU. Pineapple is horrible either way.

DyslexicScientist Sun 06-Dec-15 09:52:00

But ladies do you live in the uk? The pineapple in the shops is hard picked and never ripens properly. Don't you get a dodgy tongue or throat from the fresh stuff in uk shops?

Its different if you live somewhere tropical however.

Titsywoo Sun 06-Dec-15 09:52:42

Tinned is better on pizza

DyslexicScientist Sun 06-Dec-15 09:52:54

I have a pineapple cutter. It either goes too close to the skin or wastes alot.

londonrach Sun 06-Dec-15 09:54:56

Op smell your pineapple before you buy it..... I always leave it for a couple of days unless im greedy and need pineapple now! (Live in uk and pineapples from ldll)

PacificDogwod Sun 06-Dec-15 09:58:52

UK here too.
I am another pineapple sniffer grin

Could you be mildly allergic to pineapple??
Tinned stuff will have been superheated and the pineapple enzymes destroyed so would maybe not affect you.

McSnuff Sun 06-Dec-15 09:58:53

Ah, OP, I suspect you're allergic to a particular enzyme in pineapple, which is destroyed by the canning process which cooks the fruit. Bromelain - that's the boy. It's used as a meat tenderiser, which is pretty much how it feels to eat if you react to it. (Kiwi fruit has its own version of this, actinidin - if kiwi fruit makes your mouth and throat sore, don't eat it.)

Stick to tinned and you'll be fine.

PacificDogwod Sun 06-Dec-15 09:59:39

Ah, McSnuff, knows the science! grin

DyslexicScientist Sun 06-Dec-15 10:00:33

Rach what should it smell like?

The only decent pineapples in Europe are grown in glass houses in the Azores and picked ripe. Never had a good one from the shops. I bought a mango from lidl and it was has hard as an apple, never ripened and was stringly as a ball of wool.

DyslexicScientist Sun 06-Dec-15 10:02:39

Oh I didn't think I was allergic as fresh ones in tropical countries taste great to me.

Kiwis do have that affect also. The worst is cape gooseberries, do they have the same?

patterkiller Sun 06-Dec-15 10:02:59

mcsnuff very interesting. Dd1 has a funny reaction to fresh, this could be the reason.

Buttercup27 Sun 06-Dec-15 10:04:57

Fresh makes my mouth/lips/throat swell but with tinned/on pizza etc I'm fine so fresh is the work of the devil but tastes so much nicer

McSnuff Sun 06-Dec-15 10:05:43

Pacific, sorry, since I only found out about this in my 40's, I've been a bit keen to pass on the info. grin

EatDessertFirst Sun 06-Dec-15 10:06:34

I'm allergic to fresh pineapple (which is a crying shame because I love the stuff!) so its tinned all the way for me. Fresh tastes better though, and is well worth the faff but maybe not the rash.

McSnuff Sun 06-Dec-15 10:17:41

I have no idea about cape gooseberries, I'm afraid. Sounds feasible though.

If kids have a funny reaction, I'd just encourage them to steer clear of it. And open a tin instead. grin

Lweji Sun 06-Dec-15 10:20:06

Yes, pinapple in the tropics is so much better.
As are ripe mangos straight from the tree.
And real fresh coconut water drank straight from the fruit.

VegetablEsoup Sun 06-Dec-15 10:27:31

with tinned pineapple you can't do this:

londonrach Sun 06-Dec-15 10:29:24

It smells strongly of pineapple when its near ready, the same as a melon smells of melon. If no smell its not ripe.

londonrach Sun 06-Dec-15 10:30:15

Anyone else now have images of lines of mntters smelling pineapples. grin

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