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To think my relatives don't want to see me and my family?

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Chocolatecoins5 Sun 29-Nov-15 11:26:26

I had a baby four months ago and have an older dc. I live about two hours from my parents and siblings and their families. At the time of the birth they visited and I've invited them to visit since, parents have come a couple of times, siblings not at all.

I've been asking to come and stay with my parents for a day or two days since the birth. Prior to the birth I used to stay there for one or two nights per month, my older dc loves going there. They have a big house and garden. But I've been told no every time I ask. The reason is that apparently dsis and her dh have put piles of moving boxes in the bedroom that we would stay in. When I ask dm if dsis and her dh could move the boxes I'm told they will soon, but it hasn't happened and months have passed. There's no reason they can't move the boxes. I feel sorry for our mother as she shouldn't have to move the boxes, she seems a bit embarrassed, but the fact she hasn't told them to take their stuff away suggests she doesn't want us to stay.

Fwiw I'd say I'm an easy guest, never stay too long, always bring food and tidy up etc. I've booked a holiday in January to treat them to which they accepted happily. Am I paranoid in thinking dsis and her boxes are being prioritised over me and dc though? Poor older dc has been asking to see her gp for so long now. I've asked them to stay with me too but they don't like staying at other people's houses.

MissFitt68 Sun 29-Nov-15 11:30:46

Ask your sister to get them moved?

Chocolatecoins5 Sun 29-Nov-15 11:34:56

I've asked her, she ignores the question. She may be being lazy but I think if dm wanted to see me and dc she'd have told her to move them?

Chocolatecoins5 Sun 29-Nov-15 11:36:28

I feel very frustrated as I've tried every possible option to see them - me go to them, them come to me, meet in the middle. I can't afford to pay for a holiday every time I think it'd be nice to see them.

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