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To be annoyed with the school's attitude?

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TheGruffaloFish Wed 04-Nov-15 11:18:36

DS needs extra help in school. We need to have a meeting with headmaster, form teacher, school psychologist, regional school-extra-help-coordinator and both parents so that a plan can be put in place. We met with the psychologist in September (24th I think it was) when she said this would be the next step. The meeting would be arranged for sometime in November. Three weeks ago, I began chasing up the meeting as I'd not heard anything. Finally found out it was he headmaster who arranges it, not the psychologist as I'd understood. I managed to get hold of him last week (he's only there one day a week) to ask what was happening and to tell him which dates we couldn't make. He said he would do a doodle to let everyone know and see dates. I never received any email from him, even though he checked my email address and said I didn't need to give him the dates we could t make as it would be on the doodle.

He called me today to tell me when the meeting would be. 5pm in the local town in two weeks. I said I couldn't do it. He got a bit annoyed and said it was the only date etc. I can't do it because it is the day of DS's birthday party. Guests are already invited etc. (DH can't do it anyway, has a late meeting and if it wasn't the party we'd be at a hospital appointment, which I have already rearranged, for DS). He huffed a bit and then said he would have to go back and do another doodle but warned me that dates are few and far between. I'm aware of that, but why do they not take into account when we cannot do it when they start to plan these meetings? Not only do we have to be there, it means my MIL has to come up (lives an hour away) and watch the children for us. She will be away for half of December and all of January. If he'd got around to planning it when it was supposed to have been planned...
At least this time he has conceded to take note of the dates which we cannot make.

Mrscog Wed 04-Nov-15 13:27:02

Seems very unreasonable, were you not on the Doodle poll?

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