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To ask which formula brand you would recommend for a newborn?

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MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 06:36:01

I'm posting in AIBU for traffic as I'm running out of time before the baby arrives and I want to buy some for the house. I couldn't find any recent threads on this when I searched.

A couple of pharmacist friends have suggested Aptamil (with the proviso that they think the brands should all be much the same). I've noticed since then that aptamil is more expensive than SMA or cow and gate!

Anecdotally I've heard a few people saying aptamil is easier on the baby's digestive system when browsing older threads on mumsnet but not consistently.

What do people think?

dementedpixie Wed 28-Oct-15 06:38:09

Cow and gate and aptamil have the same manufacturer. They are all much of a muchness but different babies get on with different ones so I wouldn't stockpile any one brand.

bittapitta Wed 28-Oct-15 06:38:27

They are all almost identical. They have to be as they are strictly regulated. Go for the cheapest.

YouBastardSockBalls Wed 28-Oct-15 06:39:17

Please don't flame me.

If the baby's not here yet is there a reason you can't try breastfeeding, even for the first 24 hours? smile

confusedandemployed Wed 28-Oct-15 06:41:40

Aptamil First would be my recommendation but if baby isn't keen you may need to try a few anyway.
Even though C&G and Aptamil have the same manufacturer, they are made in different factories and to different recipes (or they did 10 years ago, I used to work for them).
When all's said and done, there's very little to choose between them though.

LumpySpaceCow Wed 28-Oct-15 06:44:53

The cheapest (probably cow and gate). They are practically the same but just market differently

MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 06:46:29

Thanks demented and bitta I was hoping for reassurance that the more expensive one wasn't any better!

Hi sockballs thanks for replying, I'll have a crack at the breastfeeding for the first few days as I'd like to pass over some immunity via the colostrum but if it is a struggle I don't want to continue with it. I just want things to be as stress free as possible at home (I have other DC to look after too) smile

Welshwabbit Wed 28-Oct-15 06:47:25

YouBastardSockBalls, leaving aside the wisdom of making such a comment when you have no idea of the OP'school circumstances, where does she say she's not going to try bf?

Iloveonionchutney Wed 28-Oct-15 06:47:45

We use SMA, never had any problems with it. I don't think there's much difference between any of them.

x2boys Wed 28-Oct-15 06:48:09

both mine had cow and gate good lucksmile

Slugonthewindow Wed 28-Oct-15 06:48:25

I second sockballs I didn't want any in the house in case bf got tough and I didn't want swaying, I was determined to bf. I would have bought later if DS hadn't gained weight etc.

I used cow and gate when DS was 10 months. Good luck with newborn.

MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 06:49:06

Thanks confused did you use Aptamil First yourself? Or is there something in it which the others don't have?

lumpy yes, cow and gate was cheapest when I looked in the supermarket

confusedandemployed Wed 28-Oct-15 06:50:24

I did use Aptamil First, yes (ebf for first 4 weeks though).

x2boys Wed 28-Oct-15 06:51:10

well good for you Slug but OP,s asking for advice about formula not about your determination too breast feedhmm

CheesyNachos Wed 28-Oct-15 06:53:47

I used aptamil and it worked very well for us, and I think you are wise to have some to hand. Also take some to the hospital.... no-one told me at any of the pre-natal courses or the hospital visit I had to take my own and life was horrendous the first night until DH could get me some.

Welshwabbit Wed 28-Oct-15 06:54:26

X post. And that should have been OP's circumstances - schools have nothing to do with it!

kinkytoes Wed 28-Oct-15 06:55:19

Ah don't turn this into a bunfight ladies. OP is being practical. I didn't have any formula in the house at all, more because I didn't really think about it than because I was determined to bf (which I was btw). Luckily I didn't end up needing it.

Hope the bf goes well OP smile

Chrisinthemorning Wed 28-Oct-15 06:56:08

Cow and gate suited DS well. SMA didn't, it was constipating. Aptamil is just C&G in a fancy tin and more expensive.

MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 06:59:10

Thanks chutney boys and slug nachos, sounds like positive experiences with a range of brands which is what I was hoping for!

MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 07:03:40

That made me grin welshwabbit, I have received much advice from various sources re BF vs formula feeding but the BF leaflets haven't yet infiltrated the schools!

MummaGiles Wed 28-Oct-15 07:04:30

We use Aptamil first still and my LO is 9 months old. We used it from pretty much day one as he didn't latch and ended up in neo natal with low blood sugars and being fed through a tube. They had Aptamil, cow and gate and SMA available in hospital. I would just get whatever is stocked in a few of your local shops so you know you'll always be able to get it.

MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 07:04:55

Thanks kinky and chris

MissMattyJenkins Wed 28-Oct-15 07:06:20

Hope your DC is doing well after that rocky start mummagiles. Good idea re checking local shops.

Fairylea Wed 28-Oct-15 07:06:56

I used cow and hate when ds was newborn as I found some of that ready made into little bottles in tesco, all you had to do was screw the teat on (super easy, no prep necessary at all!) but after a few weeks that was working out expensive and ds seemed to have quite bad silent reflux so I switched to sma gold as the gp and everyone else kept telling me that was good for reflux and it was much better. (He also had medication for the reflux too).

Fairylea Wed 28-Oct-15 07:07:16

Ha! Cow and gate!!! Not cow and hate! smile

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