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To be livid with Carpet Right

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Shosha1 Wed 21-Oct-15 08:25:08

We ordered and paid for new laminate flooring for the whole of our new bungalow ( we have done loads of work knocking down walls and fitting new kitchen and bathrooms ).

When we ordered it a month ago we told them our moving date was 22nd October.

They told us it couldn't be fitted till 20th and 21st, cutting it fine but ok.

Get to house really early to let them be n, for no fitter to arrive.

At 9.30 finally get hold of them to be told fitter is ill ( very sympathetic, but not really my problem )

They will see what they can do. I tell them again move is scheduled for the 22nd

Finally at 1.30 I phone to be told still trying to sort it.

2.30 I'm phoned back. They have found a fitter, he will fit the flooring on 22nd.

I tell them that is moving day. The first van love ad will be arriving about 10.30 how is he going to fit the flooring. Remembering is is every floor in the house.

Oh he will work around you. I'm told.

I asked what time he will start.

About 10.30 !!!

I have no idea what is going to happen now. Told them somebody has got to have put the first floor down by 10.30.

They are suppose to be getting back to me to see if that can happen.

Haven't heard a thing from them


BlueJug Wed 21-Oct-15 08:35:44

I had similar and wish I had sued them - probably couldn't have but that is how I felt.

I ordered carpet to be fitted upstairs on a certain day. Am self-employed and at the time had two young children so paid for two fitters so that the job would be done in one day not two. Also as I couldn't lift wardrobes on my own asked for help to move them. (Rooms clear of other furniture)

9am no fitter. 10.30 no fitter and no answer from Carpet Right. 11 am one fitter who complained that he was ill and his mate had let him down. He was angry, aggressive and horrible and left a big dog shut in the van while he worked.

The job was badly done and took two days so I lost another day's pay. He wouldn't/couldn't move furniture on his own so I had to help or have no carpet. When he left he stole a silver bud vase and several tools of mine.

I complained to CR but they were dismissive. I will never use them again.

No advice but best wishes with move OP

ValancyJane Wed 21-Oct-15 08:45:02

What a nightmare, YADNBU to be furious, I would be complaining as high as I could about that (and I'm not a complainer generally!). Can you ask the moving company very nicely if there's any flexibility for your things to come later? (I imagine this would depend on if they had another job later, but might be worth asking).

Good luck with the move!

Fizzielove Wed 21-Oct-15 08:54:07

I had a similar experience ! My poor DF was waiting in for them as a favour to me so I didn't have to take the day off work. He kept calling me saying they hadn't arrived. That were meant to be there at 8.30! I kept phoning CR who had no idea where the fitters were! They finally turned up at 1.30 saying they'd been to a funeral! No apology nothing ! Grrrrrr

Collaborate Wed 21-Oct-15 09:01:02

Carpet fitters are self employed and get paid a pittance - below minimum wage IIRC.They are tied to certain shops, so don't get paid if there's nothing to fit.

YANBU to be annoyed at being messed around, but may I ask what you're paying to have it fitted?

Also they are paid only to fit carpet, not move furniture (doesn't help you OP but for others it's important to remember that whatever you're told by a salesperson in the shop is a load of guff just designed to secure a sale).

WeirdCatLadySaysFuckOffJeffrey Wed 21-Oct-15 09:11:39

I would loudly complain on social media, it seems the way to get companies to take notice these days is to plaster it across Facebook and Twitter.

Shosha1 Wed 21-Oct-15 09:15:29

Collaborate it's Laminate throughout the house.

It was being done before any furniture was in the house. So no lifting needed

And no can't change time of arrival. So that it could be all in by lunchtime the van is being loaded tonight. ( DH on nights tomorrow night so has to be done by lunchtime)

The idea was as it was first day if half term ( I'm a term time nanny) he could go into work and I could get on with the unpacking.

Anastasie Wed 21-Oct-15 09:25:27

Speak to the removal company now and let them know the situation or you risk them getting very shirty when they turn up and find they have to work around a flooring situation.

Keep them onside

I think carpet right should be compensating you - it's too late to get someone else now.

TheWrathofNaan Wed 21-Oct-15 09:30:59

I had a bad experience too. Using patches of underlay instead of one piece, damaging my furniture etc

Make sure you haggle your price down- never take the first price offered! Even so they are not as cheap as they make out!!

Shosha1 Wed 21-Oct-15 09:38:54

Ok have got onto Twitter waiting for response. Removals know. Thankfully it's a friend.

OTheHugeManatee Wed 21-Oct-15 09:46:28

YANBU. We chose a local flooring company just down the road over CarpetRight and their ilk to do our entire house, because even though the local firm was more expensive we're friendly with everyone who works there and know we can trust them to turn up when they say they will and do a good job.

LurkingHusband Wed 21-Oct-15 09:50:07

Collaborate it's Laminate

you could write a rap song ....

2madboys Wed 21-Oct-15 09:52:17

They are known as Carpet Wrong in our house. We asked them to fit Lino in our kitchen at previous house as we thought we'd get a better job than doing it ourselves. There were ripples in the Lino as it didn't lay flat, and the corners round units didn't fit at all. We had a baby at the time and moving appliances out of the kitchen made it unusable which was completely unacceptable at that point. Had to kick up an almighty stink to get them to come back and redo it. Just this morning have I warned someone off them who was asking for recommendations. We will never use them again.

Shosha1 Wed 21-Oct-15 09:55:04

Left message on Twitter. They have asked me to DM ordered details.

Except I can't. Twitter saying can't send as they are not following me. Have now left 3 messages telling them this.

No answer !

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 21-Oct-15 10:05:40

Google their CEOs email address and email them. I hope it gets sorted.

Anastasie Wed 21-Oct-15 10:11:17

We play the 'right' game...what else can we incorporate into a carpetright store?

Ours has 'sleepright'

you could have lightright

we also decided that they could have a bathrooms concession and call it shiteright.

then there's their restaurant...biteright

it goes on and on. Happy car journeys we have as you can tell

I hope you get it sorted.

MuddhaOfSuburbia Wed 21-Oct-15 10:31:31

sorry OP you must be fuming

they are shiiiiit

and yy I think that the fitters get paid a pittance

we paid upfront for carpets and were told to pay the fitter on the day, cash- something like £40- big job, two fitters, there for over two hours, so less than a tenner an hour for supposedly skilled work, plus travel between jobs


will never use again- not until they have their in-house fitters and PAY THEM PROPERLY, at any rate

Frizzcat Wed 21-Oct-15 11:10:25

OP I have pm'd you hope the info is helpful. Goodluck

Shosha1 Wed 21-Oct-15 11:24:54

Thank You Frizzcat

Notasinglefuckwasgiven Wed 21-Oct-15 11:31:02

If it makes you feel a little better, my dtb told them in his local Carpet right branch to FUCK RIGHT OFF. They quoted 1000 quid for a one bed flat laying lino and one carpet, waiting 3 weeks for the fitting. They are shite.

ValancyJane Wed 21-Oct-15 11:38:42

They have a Facebook page too, you could try posting something up there! I just had a look, there's quite a few dissatisfied customers doing the same.

I hope you get it sorted, moving house is stressful enough anyway! I really feel for you.

waitingforcalpoltowork Wed 21-Oct-15 11:45:36

can you not ring around people who lay laminate for a living ask them for a quote on an emergency job and just collect the laminate yourselves? there might be a local tradesman who can help you out? (for a price of course)

Shosha1 Thu 22-Oct-15 22:04:08

Well we are in smile

The two fitters who arrived couldn't have been better. They laid the first floor in an hour, didn't stop for lunch and finished at exactly 5 o'clock.

Have managed to sort the sitting room and made the bed smile

Best of all, after Twitter and FB messages, I then emailed the CEO, (Thanks Frizzcat) I received a phone call from head office.

The result is that I am being reimbursed the fitting Costa smile

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