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To think that they're all a bit too good on Strictly

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Bearbehind Fri 25-Sep-15 21:56:08

I don't like the embarrassingly bad dancers like Ann Widecombe, Russell Grant etc but it's night one and, aside from the fact I've never heard of most of them, it's difficult to tell the professionals from the celebrities already.

cardibach Fri 25-Sep-15 21:58:52

I don't think I agree - some of the celebrities were distinctly novice (fair enough). Often it's just clever choreography that plays to their strengths.

emotionsecho Fri 25-Sep-15 22:28:20

Carol, the weather presenter was pretty bad and I didn't think the first dance was that great either.

MissFitt68 Fri 25-Sep-15 23:14:32

What were you looking at op?

What is 'dancing' to you?

Imustgodowntotheseaagain Sat 26-Sep-15 07:36:03

The actress from Call the Midwife did well, but she's taken ballet as a girl so would understand choreography - WeatherCarol, the Boxer and Scary Irish Dude weren't so great! My issue with the programme was the whole 'Danny Dyer will beat Craig up' 'joke'. Really, really inappropriate.

Savagebeauty Sat 26-Sep-15 07:38:01

Carols not good but I love her. Great personality and very attractive

emotionsecho Sat 26-Sep-15 11:21:32

Imust agree that was tedious and in bad taste, plus Danny Dyer sitting there chewing gum looked awful. The towels and hot water joke was cringe making, Tess just can't deliver comedy lines.

KurriKurri Sat 26-Sep-15 11:40:47

Weather Carol looked like she may well be hopeless but fun (think her problem will be exactly what mine would be - remembering the dance !)
Anthony the boxer - also looked enthusiastic, though not brilliant but think he will improve and learn quickly if his arm holds up.
Lost interest in Kevin's partner and the call the midwife woman.
I have a cushion primed to hide behind when Daniel O'Donnell tries latin. grin
Anita was a revelation - she's gorgeous and really went for it.

There's a larger number tonight - I have a feeling Iwan might be awful (from the little bits I saw in on the intro night) -I hope to be pleasantly surprised though.

I like the fact that there are quite a few older people this year - got a bit fed up of the young pop people who were clearly already trained dancers.

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