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to give up watching corrie now hope has cancer!

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maggieryan Wed 26-Aug-15 23:46:33

I love Corrie but with this new storyline I'm finished watching it. If I want to be depressed I can watch EastEnders. I hate seeing little kids sick in soaps and just feel they didn't have to go down this route? Anyone else going to turn off?

MaHeidMaHeid Wed 26-Aug-15 23:48:34

I'm not sure I'll be able to watch much of it. They are planning a huge episode on Xmas day for what could be hopes last Xmas and I know I'll be an absolute wreck so I'll maybe give it a miss

pinkmanbitch Wed 26-Aug-15 23:51:37

which one is hope? is that the one Anna's daughter had?

Katedotness1963 Wed 26-Aug-15 23:53:23

Hope is Fizz and John Stapes daughter.

TheFairyCaravan Wed 26-Aug-15 23:53:43

I was watching it on Monday with DS2(18). He said "if they're doing a child with cancer story, I'm not watching it anymore." He probably wouldn't have watched it for much longer because he's off to uni, but I can see why he doesn't want to watch it.

I'll see how they handle it before I make my mind up, but I do hope that Christmas isn't her last . sad

SuckingEggs Wed 26-Aug-15 23:55:44

Oh, no. They haven't gone down that road?! Jeez. Why??

Love Corrie but not sure I want to be 'entertained' by it. Christmas sounds like it's going to be a weep fest. No thanks.

Squishyeyeballs Thu 27-Aug-15 00:01:40

Oh ffs as if the drawn out Hayley saga wasn't bad enough hmm I actually stopped watching after that. Who do they think would put on such depressing tripe on christmas?

BristolMum321 Thu 27-Aug-15 00:09:29

That's a real shame. I think it's great that they are raising awareness for Neuroblastoma which kills 100+ children a year in the uk.

I understand the storyline is based on the experience of this little boy and his family

And here's his mum's response to feedback on the programme

AlphabetStew Thu 27-Aug-15 00:23:47


I don't want to watch a young girl get sick and die tyvm.

SuckingEggs Thu 27-Aug-15 00:52:52

Oh, that's awful.

I just somehow see it as gratuitous. The Christmas special based on it and all. It's obviously good to raise awareness of childhood illness but it just doesn't seem right on a soap. Maybe I'm wrong.

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