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Neighbours dog

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WalfordEast Thu 13-Aug-15 00:17:38

We live on a long country lane. Currently dog sitting a friends dog- went out 20 minutes ago for quick walk for last wee etc.

Neighbours at the end of the road DO NOT look after their dog. They often just let it wander about aimlessly in the road, and when it isnt- its locked in a stable on their property. And barks. And barks. And barks. And barks some more. It was their sons dog, dog apparantly attacked his young DC so he gave it his parents "to look after". Because of where we live- where their property is located there is fields on one side and a large garden on the other- so it doesnt bother the neighbours, so I dont think anyone has ever called the police but you can hear it barking as you walk along the lane/see it from a public footpath.

Anyway- said dog started following me home. Got home and it just sat at the bottom of the drive, barking. Got it in the back of the car and went back up to the house- cant knock as they have big electric gates and no answer on buzzer. Appreciate its late.

Dont know what to do now really??? Dog is outside on a chain at the moment- obviously cant leave it outside all night?!!! He looks well fed and not in a horrific state.

Do I call the police???

RainbowRoses Thu 13-Aug-15 00:20:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TooOldForGlitter Thu 13-Aug-15 00:29:46

The police won't be interested unless the dog does something 'wrong'. The RSPCA will be as much use as a one-legged man at a bum kicking competition. I'd try the local dog warden, but, ultimately I think nothing can or will be done, certainly not at this time of night. You're going to have to leave the dog and have a word with the warrden tomorrow to see what can possibly be done.

shadowfax07 Thu 13-Aug-15 00:37:26

For goodness sake, put the poor dog in your kitchen/utility/porch overnight, put water down for it, shut the door and keep your friend's dog with you, also with a water bowl. The forecast is for thunderstorms tonight, no dog should be out in one, poor thing.

WalfordEast Thu 13-Aug-15 00:37:41

Been to try buzzer again. Nothing- but there was an upstairs light on this time. Waited five minutes- buzzed three times. Nothing.

It will have to sleep in the garage. I cant leave an animal that has reportedly attacked a child with my friends dog unsupervised and im certainly not staying up all night to supervise them.

Will call dog warden in the morning.

TooOldForGlitter Thu 13-Aug-15 00:40:08

I thought it was outside on a chain?? If you take it in then the dog warden won't even want to know. In most areas they will say that as you've tajen the dog it's now your responsibility.

WalfordEast Thu 13-Aug-15 00:41:58

I cant leave it out all night though can I??? No thunderstorms forcast here, but it just doesnt sit right with me.

TooOldForGlitter Thu 13-Aug-15 00:42:00

What breed of dog is it? I'd be wary of believing the 'attacked a child' spiel. More likely it was neglected and unwalked and growled or air snapped at a child allowed to get in its face.

TooOldForGlitter Thu 13-Aug-15 00:44:19

It's not freezing tonight. It'll be ok. I'm not being heartless but if you take it onto your property you'll really struggle to get a dog warden to turn up and take it. I'd want to bring it with me too but unless you can potentially keep it, don't.

WalfordEast Thu 13-Aug-15 00:45:31

Its a spaniel. I cant believe it either if im honest as he seems friendly enough.

MotherOfBleach Thu 13-Aug-15 00:46:20

A dog warden will come out to a strangers dog in someone's garage.

They'll also give the neighbours a good bollocking. Dog wardens are essentially dog police, they are there to enforce dog related laws, including not allowing your dog to stray.

Keep him in the garage and call the dog warden in the morning.

TooOldForGlitter Thu 13-Aug-15 00:56:45

Every time I've called a dog warden it's been when I've collared a lost/stray dog and contained it in my garden. Every time the warden has told me they can only attend 'loose running' dogs and by taking the dog into my garden Ive made it my responsibility not theirs. That's across the last three counties I've lived in.

TooOldForGlitter Thu 13-Aug-15 01:00:53

OP it's a choice really, a shit one. Can you/would you keep the dog? If no, leave it. I'd take photos and videos on your phone. Call the warden tomorrow. Also look up as fairly local independent rescue and contact then for advice. Ultimately, and its utterly shite, the dogs going to stay where he is because nobody really cares and those that do (like me!)have no power.

shadowfax07 Thu 13-Aug-15 01:05:20

Yes, put him in the garage overnight, and then try the neighbours again. If they don't respond try the warden.

I do know of spaniels who've bitten, but generally they tend to be soft mouthed, especially if they are from working stock.

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