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The Quiet Zone

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TobleroneBoo Wed 12-Aug-15 17:39:11

This may start a war, but seriously how hard is it to be a bit considerate?

My train service reserves 1 in 4 carriages as a quiet coach. The signs say please keep conversations quiet and electronic equipment silent. Not an unfair request, in my eyes.

Two blokes have just got on and are sat next to each other and are practically shouting at each other. One was on the phone, yelling down it but has kindly hung up. Do some people talk at an abnormal volume? I would imagine so but I really think they are trying just to piss people off.

Jo4040 Wed 12-Aug-15 17:43:33

People are just ignorant and oblivious.Your never going to win them, because unforchantly there is many of them.

Like the old saying go's..'There nowt as queer as folk' well I'd also say..'There's nowt as ignorant as folk'

SquinkiesRule Wed 12-Aug-15 18:00:41

Lots of people lack volume control. I've noticed it more when I work night shift. Patients who speak to me full volume when I answer their bell. I often have to tell them to shush, everyone is sleeping. Usually it's men.

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