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to be raging at this bus driver! !

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ovaryhill Tue 11-Aug-15 19:16:10

Got on bus yesterday and it was like a sauna inside, driver had the heating on, couldn't even sit in window side as the heaters are at your feet and it was unbearable
When bus came to a stop I got up and asked politely if he would mind turning the heating off
He very rudely said 'it's not on, use the blowers'
Even with the overhead blowers on it was still boiling, I returned to my seat and he looked at me in his mirror and turned all the blowers off!!!
The rest of the journey was hell, other people were trying to turn blowers on and poor lady looked visibly distressed with the heat
Driver kept catching my eye in the mirror and smirking
I fully intend to complain, I didn't say anything at the time as I was so incensed I didn't trust myself to be rational and would probably have impaled his sorry smirking arse on his gear stick

MythicalKings Tue 11-Aug-15 19:18:35

Horrible man. You should have complained yesterday, though, he could have reported the blowers as faulty by now.

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