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To want to moan about dh

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Esmeismyhero Fri 07-Aug-15 20:43:12

I'm shattered, I've been with dc and my dsis 3 dc all day. We have been doing lots. I've also made a meal for 10 people, cleaned the kitchen done two loads of laundry and washed, dried and got the dc ready for bed.

Dh came home at 7pm and first thing he says is telling dd off because she pooed in her night time nappy. I was changing said nappy and although she is potty trained she is 3 and she's tired so there was no need to reprimand her as soon as he walks in! Not even a hello first.

Then he is got his dinner and complained about me being left with all the kids today, he wasn't even here, the kids were good and we had fun.

I still managed to do as much as I could and cook a meal so I don't know why he was moaning confused

Apparently his day was spent listening to the ashes whilst doing a drawing and "pretty chilled" accordingly to him.

He is now snoring on the chair! I guess he will wake up when I'm to tired to stay up anymore and he will play ps4 until 4 am then wake me up when he comes to bed.


BusyCee Fri 07-Aug-15 20:45:58


this is possibly transference

SnapesCapes Fri 07-Aug-15 20:48:14

When I become Queen of England I'll pass a new law allowing spouses to suffocate asshat partners if they can prove that they were bellends on their return from work. DH here likes to come in from work, pretend he's exhausted and ask "so, what have you been up to" whilst looking about with that 'not done much tidying have we' head tilt thing going on. I could kill him.

SnapesCapes Fri 07-Aug-15 20:48:47

I'm joking about the suffocation, btw. A little bit.

ImperialBlether Fri 07-Aug-15 20:52:16

Don't you mean shooting, Snapes? It would be much more satisfying!

Esmeismyhero Fri 07-Aug-15 20:58:15

Urgghhh I know the head tilt!! My dh does that too.

He has awakened and is on the iPad which I am too still no hello btw.

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