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To want a few days to be pissed off and upset???

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theblairbitchproject Sun 19-Jul-15 21:34:04

I lost my job last week- one that I loved, people I loved working with so all round it was making me very happy. I dont have much of a relationship with my family so to be treated with respect, to be given a lot of responsibility and to have people who cared about me meant a great deal.

My mother is pacing around the house getting pissed off because im suffering periods of depression. I literally couldnt get myself out of bed this morning and she came in screaming at me for being "lazy" (keeping in mind ive worked 40+ hours a week over 4 days for the past six months and longer than that for 6 months before)

Shes now sat getting pissed because "its so stressful having a daughter who is bone idle".

And breathe

TheReluctantCountess Sun 19-Jul-15 21:36:27

Oh I feel for you. Your mum's reaction is not at all what you need when you feel like you do.
Is there anywhere else you could stay?

MarchLikeAnAnt Sun 19-Jul-15 21:36:34

Of course you are going to be upset flowers

ppolly Sun 19-Jul-15 21:38:30

YANBU at all. It sounds as though you need a period to mourn the loss of something that meant a lot to you. do you live with your mother? Otherwise why was she at you home upsetting you?

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