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Situation at work

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lastone Sun 21-Jun-15 09:26:42

I work in a busy office where everyone can get a bit mithered. Last week I had an appointment who arrived 15 minutes early. At that point I'd been on my lunch break for 20 minutes. A colleague told me she had arrived. I said I would be out at half past, nipped out for some air and went to the loo. When I came back in, I was told that our receptionist had been in twice to see where I was! I went out- at the appointed time - and said I was allowed to have a lunch - (we should have an hour, which mostly I never have). This has since caused an atmosphere and she has been telling other colleagues that I was rude to her for no reason. I approached her to discuss it the but she refused and has snapped at me ever since. I'm thinking I shouldn't have said anything (wish I hadn't, can't be arsed with the drama tbh) was IBU ? Seems silly now I've typed it but it's playing on my mind, especially as I've only discussed it with 1 person but feel like I want to defend myself.

MelanieCheeks Sun 21-Jun-15 09:30:53

What would you have done if you'd been the receptionist?

lastone Sun 21-Jun-15 09:33:02

When the appointment arrived the other person on the desk had been in to tell me she was there, and the receptionist knew this. I had said yes I will be out, I'm just finishing lunch.

ChuffinAda Sun 21-Jun-15 09:33:40

She's an arse. It's up to you to use your discretion whether you see and early arriver or not.

If you'd been in a meeting rather than at lunch would she still be as huffy about it? Doubt it.

She's probably pissed off because having someone sat in reception with her means she can't play on her phone or gossip with colleagues

AdventureBe Sun 21-Jun-15 09:35:32

Sounds like you're both making a big deal out of nothing to me.

If the client was fussing about being kept waiting, it would be normal for the receptionist to at least let client think she was checking up on you.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 21-Jun-15 09:36:16

The receptionist should have said to the client last will be with you at half past, no issue about it. The receptionist has over reacted.

CombineBananaFister Sun 21-Jun-15 09:37:53

Don't think ABU, you're allowed lunch and just because someone arrives early for an appointment doesn't mean they have to be seen early or even expect to be. As long as you were polite to the receptionist.

I go out for my lunch for this very reason otherwise it seems it's fair game to be interupted on your break to deal with someone who is early, if I'm not there it's not possible and causes less friction. With a steady stream of people who are all generally 10-15mins early I'd never get a break otherwise

GemmaTeller Sun 21-Jun-15 09:38:49

Loads of people arrive early for interviews and appointments, its better to be early than late.

The receptionist over reacted.

Hazelnut55 Sun 21-Jun-15 09:38:58


The receptionist should have said "oh you are nice and early. Please take a seat. Do you want a drink while you wait?"

That's all.

namechangefortoday543 Sun 21-Jun-15 09:39:51

Surely the receptionist should make the client comfortable- offer coffee and show her/him to the waiting area?

What if you had been with another client ?
Would she have interrupted that ?

She has no right to keep checking on you.

lastone Sun 21-Jun-15 09:48:15

Thanks all. Feel better already and yes, I have thought since that I may start being elsewhere during my lunch break.

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