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to grumble about the new lawn (first world problem)

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GreatAuntDinah Wed 10-Jun-15 12:37:54

My ILs (who live abroad) have been staying with us for a month. MIL is the kind of woman who always has to keep busy, so she asked what she could do around the house. I said a bit of light weeding would be nice, mainly to keep her out of my hair as I WFH and she is constantly in and out of my office otherwise. Next thing I know, she and FIL have dug up our (small) lawn and ordered a delivery of posh turf to lay down. So far, so good. It was due to be delivered on Saturday but due to some cock-up only arrived yesterday. The ILs left late morning today, so I had to give up half a day's work to lay the lawn myself before it died on us. AIBU to grumble at the extra work this has caused and will now I have to look after the garden rather than leave it as un urban wasteland or are DH and I (as DH overheard them muttering) a pair of ungrateful wretches?

WanderWomble Wed 10-Jun-15 12:50:23

Not unreasonable. I'd be really annoyed by the extra work caused. Since when does light weeding mean dig up the lawn and replace it with turf?!

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