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to wonder if Prince William is allowed to shave his head.

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MsColouring Sun 03-May-15 09:23:23

He's lost a lot of hair. A lot of men would choose to shave it and be done with it. I wonder if he's allowed to do such a thing as heir to the throne.

AuntieStella Sun 03-May-15 09:25:39

Now he's left the Armed Forces (where a shaven head is very non-officer) then it'll be up to him.

Lots of receding men don't clip their hair that short, so perhaps he likes it just as it is.

Cabrinha Sun 03-May-15 09:26:30

There will be advisers no doubt, advising what a shaved head might so for his public image.

Silvercatowner Sun 03-May-15 09:26:32

What an odd question. I doubt his life is micro managed to that extent.

TrollshaveLittleWillies Sun 03-May-15 09:26:44

The comb over look is terrible. ( At least he isn't having a hair transplant.) He should just be a baldy. He looks old for his age as it is and being bald won't make any difference.

Branleuse Sun 03-May-15 09:27:17

Well at least it makes it obvious that prince charles had one son

derxa Sun 03-May-15 09:31:40

Branleuse Harry is going bald as well. I hope this thread is not going to degenerate into a discussion over his paternity.

FeijoaSundae Sun 03-May-15 09:31:44

He probably doesn't like the shaved head look. It's not exactly ... um, aristocratic.

And I can't believe people are still trotting out the Harry not being Charles' son line...?!

Andrewofgg Sun 03-May-15 09:37:30

Hair to the Throne?

x2boys Sun 03-May-15 09:37:38

My dh started going bald at 17 I met him when he was 30 he was totally bald by then but shaved his head making him far more attractive pprunce William does look old for his age .

x2boys Sun 03-May-15 09:38:03

Oops that would be prince!blush

Branleuse Sun 03-May-15 09:40:32

It doesn't really matter how old or shit you look with that sort of money and power

drbonnieblossman Sun 03-May-15 09:50:09

Hope he leaves his hair as is. Shaved or very short hair doesn't suit most people and can look very thuggish. I'm sure it's his choice either way.

Oh I do hate that Harry's paternity rubbish that gets rolled out every now and again. Such nonsense.

IHeartKingThistle Sun 03-May-15 09:50:27

Male baldness is passed down from the mothers side isn't it?

EachandEveryone Sun 03-May-15 09:54:26

I never knew that it was from the mothers side. I actually thought the same thing when I saw him from above yesterday. Just get rid.

FeijoaSundae Sun 03-May-15 09:58:59

Yes, it's passed down through the mother's side.

DowntownFunk Sun 03-May-15 09:59:57

I thought yesterday he'd look better with it shaved. I don't think it looks thuggish and is certainly more attractive than a combover. He probably doesn't give a single fuck though.

FeijoaSundae Sun 03-May-15 10:05:50

To be fair, it only looks thuggish on thugs.

My DF started losing his hair in his early 60s, and bit the bullet and shaved it all off. He is a tall, willowy, genteel-looking chap, and definitely does not look thuggish.

Moln Sun 03-May-15 10:13:19

He could shave it, or grow the hairhhe has nto a nice long ponytail, or carry on having it like it is now. Loads of options for him really, but whatever he chooses the general public will always find it more acceptable to comment on Kate's hair and how it swishes.

FuzzyWizard Sun 03-May-15 10:15:01

I don't get all the jokes about Harry's paternity either. A quick google for "young earl spencer" clears up quickly enough where he "inherited" his looks from. He looks an awful lot like Diana's brother.

TruJay Sun 03-May-15 10:37:44

I've never even heard of prince Harry's paternity being questioned?! Have I been living in a hole?
Has never even entered my head to think he's not Charles' son.
I know a little boy that looks nothing like his dad but he also looks nothing like his mum either, we all laugh and say we have no idea where he came from, his parents included in that.
My dsis and I have different dads and for a period of about 6 years we were asked constantly if we were twins! And we have a 5 year age gap.
Some people bare family resemblances, some don't.

TruJay Sun 03-May-15 10:38:48

Sorry completely went off on a tangent there, my post has nothing to do with the OP blush

Moln Sun 03-May-15 10:40:08

He really does Fuzzy, but I doubt the idea that whathischops (who he also doesn't look like) is really his father will never go away. Some people don't want to accept there's no 'scandal'

Moln Sun 03-May-15 10:41:46

Ooh! I just thought, I'm not suggesting his uncle is his father, this is not game of thrones!

FuzzyWizard Sun 03-May-15 11:00:26

Haha! Hadn't thought of that- I was also not trying to suggest anything untoward- simply that it seems likely his looks have been inherited from his mother's side of the family.

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