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to not want a new contract and have dh get one?

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abouttobeevicted Tue 17-Feb-15 18:54:10

I work dh is a sahd at the moment. I went back to work 4 years ago we tried nursery/nanny/au pair but it didn't work for us.
for the last 18 months my dh has been a sahd. its worked! but I contract my current one will not be renewed.
I'm tired I've had cancer appendicitis and now a broken arm and have battled through.
example as I get paid by the day had surgery last week for my arm but 12hrs later was wfh so I get paid!!?
I'm tired so tired but I can get a job quicker than him. arggg

TwoOddSocks Tue 17-Feb-15 19:18:35

I'm a bit confused. Does he want to get a job? What was your initial agreement?

Marynary Tue 17-Feb-15 19:20:03

You don't mention how old your children are but would it be possible for you both to work part time? If your children are at nursery/school it would mean that you could have some rest on your days at home?

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