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to rant about colleague.

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colleaguerant Mon 19-Jan-15 21:02:59

Rather than reply all and rip him a new one.

Colleague is a complete prat (have NC). Amongst his many failings - trying to promote his assistant to my salary/level when she was a complete slacker because he fancied her; having a huge problem with my previous boss because she was female and in charge of him; being fucking patronising to me in a very obvious way that was completely different to the way he treated my male colleagues; putting the word 'senior' in front of his job title when he was in a team of 1 (assistant left on realising that not only was she not getting promotion but the big boss was about to poor performance manage her out and comfortable life was ending) so no one to be 'senior' to... In fact he has always been the only one with that job title, so no need to be senior.

He has a complete lack of respect for me as a colleague or for the work I do, which involves some legal aspects. His disregard for the legal aspects of my job put us in breach of contract that I had to sort very fucking rapidly and quietly last year.

Previous boss said, when I complained, that she would be putting him on poor performance as the failings were so severe. New boss is more discrete so no idea if this is still the case.Twat and I massively fell out over the contract thing. We now have an uneasy détente and he gets away with not fulfilling his contractual obligations because he'd fuck it up again.

Just come back to my hotel room (had to travel a huge distance for work, very tired, would rather be at home), having made my apologies for a meeting he chairs because im here instead to find another patronising email ticking me off and my team for not attending. He has hit reply all.

I am pissed off because: he arranged the meeting with 2 weeks notice and all our meetings are a) more important and b) dated from before Christmas - he knows what our diaries are like and we need a lot of advance notice; he says he has rearranged the meeting content (this is usually a regular meeting of his with very poor attendance because it is so awful) to be half his area and half mine (which he knows fuck all about but is still retaining the chair) "for your benefit" and that our attendance should be our "priority"... He changed the content without consulting me or my team members in order to bump attendance as part of his personal development plan (he is on a very strict management course as he is so shocking); mostly he is just very fucking patronising and he is ticking me - rather than any of my male team members/ colleagues - off in front of an exclusively male address list.

Ranting here so I don't do something ill advised with 'reply all' myself. What a fucking twit.

yellowdinosauragain Mon 19-Jan-15 21:06:31

Would it be therapeutic to write your fantasy reply here? grin

He sounds like a massive cock

iwanttogotothechaletschool Mon 19-Jan-15 21:16:50

I'd do the reply all personally. Use what you have said here but keep it professional and factual about meetings being booked since Christmas and lack of consultation.

colleaguerant Mon 19-Jan-15 21:18:49

He is a massive cocktail. Except he probably has a tiny one, which is why he massively over compensates by being vile.

I have already deleted three messages. Should not have had a glass of wine with dinner. Probably best if I put the blackberry in a drawer until tomorrow! Have contented myself with forwarding it to my very feminist colleague and asking him if he thinks it is as patronising as I do (he was copied in to Twat's reply).

I stopped complaining about him because I thought he would get the sack following boss saying he'd be on poor performance. Sad, sad, sad that is not happening. Unfortunately the contract issue was a combination of him and my predecessor (I found out about it a few months in) so he pleaded ignorance. I had to draw him a fucking diagram of the contract. And colour code it.

Mostly it is the patronising that winds me up. I work in a very male industry and am very rarely made to feel different. Somehow he always manages it by treating me like I know fuck all and am just out of school, despite being the same grade as him (and it winds him the hell up that both old boss and I got promoted so quickly, he has even mentioned it a few times). They had to hire someone to replace his assistant and made it a better position with all the bits of his job that he wouldn't do (all the interesting, difficult stuff) so the person they got in is amazing, which is some consolation as Amazing Bloke sits opposite me so I no longer have to watch Twat stuffing his face with crisps (4 packets a day).

Ahhhh, I feel a lot calmer now grin

colleaguerant Mon 19-Jan-15 21:19:51

Cocktail? I need to teach the tablet to swear grin

yellowdinosauragain Mon 19-Jan-15 21:24:08


yellowdinosauragain Mon 19-Jan-15 21:24:44

Grin fail... Hopefully it will learn some swears after this evening grin

sugarplumpfairy Mon 19-Jan-15 22:44:25

David Brent. . . .hmm

DeliciousMonster Mon 19-Jan-15 22:53:26

Just forward it to the new boss, with 'i take it i wasnt meant to see emails like this?' And let her add it to the list.

Give him enough rope and all that.

Pancakeflipper Mon 19-Jan-15 23:07:46

Don't respond to him, that will wind him up, might goad him into doing another ridiculous thing to get a reaction that he's desperate to. Make more colleagues note what a wanker he is and start clearing his desk for him.

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