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To think this should be straightforward....

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CyclopsBee Wed 14-Jan-15 15:02:58

Ok, so I suppose I should realise that anything to do with HMRC would be complicated.....
DS has an apprenticeship, since Sept. Goes to college 2 days and work 3 days a week,
Because of this I assumed I would no longer receive child benefit. I wrote to HMRC straight away telling them all the details and asking them to let me know if the benefit would stop.
This was in Sept and I've not heard a thing! I have tried phoning a few times but am kept hanging on for 25 minutes or more so have given up.

By the way, the website is very vague, stating if the college hours are more than 12(they are) then benefit continues, but if the work is paid (it is) then benefits stop confused

All I want to know is why they are still paying me if I'm not entitled,
Anyway, I got through on the phone today after 35 mins and the lady couldn't tell me if they had received my letter and said apprenticeships are a grey area. She will look into it and let me know,

In the meantime,they are still paying me even though she thought it was suspended!

<<bangs head on table>>

CyclopsBee Wed 14-Jan-15 15:03:38

Sorry that was very long, I just needed to vent grin

DoJo Wed 14-Jan-15 15:26:16

Unfortunately, you have picked the WORST time of year to call HMRC for advice as the self-assessment tax deadline is in 17 days so they will be up their ears in queries from people who are bricking it about getting their forms submitted! If you can wait till next month (after all the people claiming their dog ate their homework have called) you might have a better time of it, but it does sound confusing. Are you putting the CB into a separate account so that you can repay it if need be?

CyclopsBee Wed 14-Jan-15 15:39:49

dojo thanks! the lady said they were very busy,

After spending the first 2 months sept and oct, I have now not spent any (no and dec) I stupidly assumed as I hadn't heard since Sept that I was entitled to the money--and used it for DS driving lessons-- but I expect it will need to be paid back,
Do you think they will let me pay it back in instalments?

CyclopsBee Wed 14-Jan-15 15:40:48

*(nov and dec)

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