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AIBU to be superficially gutted now about Wolf Hall?

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LaQueenAnd3KingsOfOrientAre Sat 10-Jan-15 18:36:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatieScarlettreregged Sat 10-Jan-15 18:37:02

When is it coming on?
And where is the next book?
So many questions.

Gruntfuttock Sat 10-Jan-15 18:38:21

I'm peed off because Damian Lewis is in it. I can't stand him.

LaQueenAnd3KingsOfOrientAre Sat 10-Jan-15 18:42:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaQueenAnd3KingsOfOrientAre Sat 10-Jan-15 18:44:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jessica78 Sat 10-Jan-15 18:46:01

Are you talking about Mark Rylance? He is A MAZ ING! Reserve judgement!

KatieScarlettreregged Sat 10-Jan-15 18:48:58

I would totally buy that version. I fear and desire Hillarys next one simultaneously. I really don't want him to die.

AnneofCheese Sat 10-Jan-15 18:49:09

I know, he doesn't look right AT ALL! But he's supposed to be a great actor. Who would everyone cast, out of interest?

KatieScarlettreregged Sat 10-Jan-15 18:53:14

Can't see past Natalie Dormer for Anne.

LaQueenAnd3KingsOfOrientAre Sat 10-Jan-15 18:53:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsminiverscharlady Sat 10-Jan-15 18:55:02

I would have cast Dominic West as Tom From. Loved Wolf Hall but I am going extremely dubious about Damian Lewis as the lead.

KatieScarlettreregged Sat 10-Jan-15 18:55:38

That's the spirit!
We could go into complete Twihard denial and start up some fanfic.
Or not smile

mrsminiverscharlady Sat 10-Jan-15 18:55:43

Jeez, Tom Crom. Damn autocorrect!

OttiliaVonBCup Sat 10-Jan-15 18:56:09

What again?

Wasn't Natalie Dormer Anne in the Tudors as well?
What is she, wedded to the role?

AnneofCheese Sat 10-Jan-15 18:57:49

I imagine there's already plenty fanfic Katie!

I'd like someone quite burly and blunt featured for Tom Crom, but can't think who.

KatieScarlettreregged Sat 10-Jan-15 18:58:59

Yes, but thanks to my very loved box set, when I picture AB, I see Natalie.
That travesty Boleyn girl movie never even scratched the surface of my vivid imaginings.
Open to ideas on Henry and The others though (fair).

HollyBdenum Sat 10-Jan-15 18:59:01

I was dubious about Mark Rylance until I saw him moving. Physically, he's all wrong, and doesn't look remotely thuggish, and was much closer to More than Cromwell, but I thought he managed to move in the right way and suggested a heft that he didn't actually have.

Tobyjugg Sat 10-Jan-15 18:59:10

I have a deep and abiding passion for Tom Crom..

Now there's a sentence I NEVER thought I'd see written down!

I've never read Wolf Hall but am keen to see it simply because I was bought up on the traditional story that Thomas C was a nasty, evil, unscrupulous bastard who'd sell his grandmother for 2p and the best thing Henry VIII did was when he chopped the bastard.

Really intrigued now.

HarlotOTara Sat 10-Jan-15 18:59:25

Damian 'anus lips' Lewis is Henry VIII not TC. Mark Rylance will be good I reckon but the gorgeous bloke who played him on the stage would be even better - is it Ben Miles?

LaQueenAnd3KingsOfOrientAre Sat 10-Jan-15 18:59:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HmmAnOxfordComma Sat 10-Jan-15 19:00:04

YABU: Mark Rylance is one of the best actors of his generation, anywhere in the world.

I really don't love historical fiction and haven't read Wolf Hall, but I'll be watching this adaptation for him alone.

Sunbeam18 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:02:47

Hmmm, agreed! Mark Rylance is phenomenal and I can't wait!

sleepwhenidie Sat 10-Jan-15 19:02:58

I agree Ben Miles was fantastic on stage - and yes, gorgeous, but Mark Rylance is such an incredible actor, I'd anticipate him being even better (and possibly more fanciable). If you've never seen him before, definitely reserve judgement smile!

HmmAnOxfordComma Sat 10-Jan-15 19:05:04

LaQueen, you're being ridiculous now: Philip Glennister and Mark Rylance don't even belong in the same sentence, let alone cast list!

LaQueenAnd3KingsOfOrientAre Sat 10-Jan-15 19:05:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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